Challenge: How to design open source-based business models for manufacturing companies?

Hi OSCEdays global community,

My name is Christian Villum and I write on behalf of Danish Design Centre, in which we are organising a panel debate for OSCEdays titled: “Share or die! How to design open source-based business models for manufacturing companies?” on Thursday June 9 2016.

The event is helping kick off an ambitious initiative titled RE:MODEL which aims to explore how manufacturing businesses can use open source methodology and principles to develop environmentally sustainable and economically sound business models in the manufacturing of physical products.

RE:MODEL aims to uncover, through concrete action and practical experimentation, how open source hardware business models can be created in a sustainable fashion, and will do this by launching a pilot-program in which leading experts in the field of open source business model consulting, research and practice, are pulled together to help conceptualize, design and test new open source driven business models in collaboration with a handful of Danish manufacturing businesses that act as use cases, and who wishes to implement the business models. The goal for RE:MODEL is that these business models are immediately implementable in the participating businesses following the RE:MODEL design phase, thereby ensuring learning based on both theory and practice.

The work in all phases, including the actual executive work in the pilot phase as well as the following implementation, shall be documented extensively and made available to the public under an open license to ensure that the learnings can applied broadly by any company worldwide wanting to test the principles for themselves. By applying such transparency, the intention is to enable the project to scale massively beyond the stakeholders directly involved.

Our “Share or die!” events asks: “How to design open source-based business models for manufacturing companies?” - and we are very curious to learn from our expert peers: You! We are eager to supplement our own knowledge with your input and ideas for:

  • How to create the ideal decentralized work structure for the collaboration between the international team of experts (based all around the world) and a handful of manufacturing businesses (based in Denmark)
  • The best way to get more manufacturing businesses on board (we have a few already, but would like more) - ie. good argumentation, key selling points, etc.
  • How to design the process of analyzing, designing and implementing new business models?
  • Which competencies the expert panel should collectively hold as a minimum?
  • Any other input you may have based on the above.

The RE:MODEL program and the ‘Share or Die!’ event for OSCEdays efforts are part of our ‘Future Fabrication’ ­strategic platform which looks at how design methods and new manufacturing technologies of the maker movement -­ including its fundamental open source currents -­ holds the potential to significantly strengthen manufacturing businesses in Denmark specifically, and in the rest of the world in general, as well as to make it more sustainable - both environmentally and economically.

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Perfect, thank you Lars.

Really interesting challenge. Looking forward to learning about the development and outcomes.