[CHALLENGE] How can we improve the design and documentation of social innovation projects to achieve easier replication and greater impact?

In Maribor we’ll hold a two day OSCE session in Tkalka, a coworking building, which was established bottom up and is built around social innovation, open source, circular and social economy initiatives. Part of our building is also a community workshop, fablab Kreatorlab. Originating from what we’re already doing, we decided to spend two days discussing, developing and designing strategies to achieve greater social impact of our work. We structured this two day session into 4 main challenges:

Challenge 1: Design a platform for documenting and planning social innovation and circular economy projects

Challenge 2: Find new ways to implement principles of circular economy in Tkalka

Challenge 3: Find ways to open up a dialog about circular economy between bottom up and top down stakeholders to come up with better solutions

Challenge 4: Find ways to promote Integrated Urban Startegy for the city of Maribor with the integrated idea of circular city

Everyone is invited to participate and
we’ll be super grateful for any feedback.

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