CHALLENGE: How can The Apple Girl, a faux leather startup, be competitive and fully circular!

Who are we?

Hi! We are Hannah and Sandra.

Hannah is the founder of The Apple Girl, a startup company from Copenhagen, Denmark, entering the market of faux leather, produced by apple residues from cider production. Hannah is a material designer and works hands-on with design challenges.

Sandra has previously contributed to the Open Source Circular Economy Days with a workshop on mapping circular Berlin. Sandra has through her degree in Techno-Anthropology focused on Circular Economy from a consumer/participant perspective by following the ‘social life’ in the flow of materials.

What will we do?

This workshop is for everyone who is interested in the startup scene within Circular Economy. We will explore and challenge how we can create viable business models and integrate businesses and social spheres in successful collaborations. We will, firstly, present the case of Apple Girl. Insights will be given into how it started, the production and status quo, which will be put into a larger business perspective of potentials in Circular Economy. This will be followed by a group session of brainstorming where challenges will be identified and new ideas for Apple Girl’s further path will be developed.

Time, Place & Supplies / Zeit, Ort und Ausstattung


Saturday, June 16, 15:00

@Infralab WS1, OSCEdays Berlin 2018

The session will last two hours.

We plan to use a screen/projector for some slides and photos, if available. We will also need need post its, loose paper, pens, markers, a whiteboard/paperboard and tables for group work.

We host the workshop on 15. or 16.06.18.

Contact / Kontakt

Hannah can be reached at:
Sandra can be reached at:

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