[CHALLENGE] Glossary

In oder to communicate about an Open Source Circular Economy we need to standardise our language: what do we mean when we use specific terms. For this I suggest we start building a glossary to define the most important words that we need in our communication.


Open: what does ‘open’ entail?

Source: what exactly is a source when it comes to material things, ideas or services?

Circular: does circular mean cyclical? or does it also mean something else?

Economy: What is an ‘economy’? What do we mean?

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I think the Open Source Circular Economy will cover most of it, at least for those terms.
We can also had things like recycling, upcycling, compostable, biodegradable, makerspace …

@transitionmaike do you want to start a doc, maybe a pad, or organize a wiki topic ?

Great initiative @transitionmaike - i relocated the topic just to global communication.

@Lars2: relocating is fine with me, you have a better overview.
This challenge is a wiki, so people can add their thoughts.

@unteem: of course the terms I chose as an example are the ones we are discussing now. But there are many others that we will need later on.

I mostly wanted to bring up the issue of clear communication (that’s my offline job) and see what becomes of it now that the seed is planted. I’m sure it will develop if and when people need it.

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