[CHALLENGE] Dystopian Visions for Mobility: the Ultimate Anti-Service

Design Session: Dystopian Visions for Mobility - the Ultimate Anti-Service.
by Fjordnet

When: Saturday, 3pm - 5pm
(Limited to 20 persons)

Exploding airbags, dirty and dangerous emissions, big scale corruption – the car industry has become a reliable provider for bad news. What more is there yet to come? And why wait? Go full speed ahead and create the terrible future now.

Where are new road-blockers for sustainable mobility? How can a trip from A to B made unbearable? And what is not only useless, but also comes with severe consequences for humans and their environments?

In this collaborative session you will learn and practice innovation and service design methods. Together we will come up with a (digital) service concept, using insights from the Fjord mobility trends framework and design thinking techniques like negative brainstorming and the living (or in this case dying) services canvas:

  • Learn about the Fjord Mobility Trends Framework
  • Try out Brainstorming Methods
  • Participate in Design Thinking Exercises
  • Engage in Collaborative Creative Practices
  • Practice Conceptualising Service Design Ideas

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