[CHALLENGE]: Developing an OSCE position response on the Circular Economy Package

Monday June 15, time will be fixed during the assembly

##The Challenge

On May 28 this year, the European Commission (EC) has opened a public consultation to collect views on the main policy options for developing an ‘ambitious’ new approach on the circular economy, which will feed into the revised Circular Economy Package action plan, scheduled for release ‘by the end of 2015’.

The upcoming package will comprise a revised legislative proposal as foundation for binding regulations in the Member States. Areas covered by the package are: production, consumption, markets for secondary raw materials, sectoral measures, and enabling factors for the circular economy, including innovation and investment. We as European citizens and businesses are asked to decide on the importance and priority of a range of potential EC actions, including:

  • establishing binding rules on product design (e.g. minimum requirements on durability),
  • promoting and enabling rules on extended producer responsibility schemes,
  • encouraging reparability through the availability of spare parts,
  • increasing content of reused parts or recycled materials,
  • ensuring availability of reliable data on material flows across value chains,
  • addressing perceived regulatory gaps or obstacles in EU legislation,
  • establishing a legally-binding framework at EU level (e.g. sustainability criteria),
  • promoting the development of repair and maintenance services,
  • providing more information relevant to the circular economy to consumers,
  • financing innovative projects or technologies (from EU funds, e.g. Horizon 2020), and
  • supporting market penetration of innovative projects via labelling, certification and standards

###Our session has two objectives:

  1. We will inform you about the importance and contents of the planned EU Circular Economy package and why a first attempt of putting it into law failed in 2014.
  2. Based on a prepared survey, we will collect opinions from OCSE participants to draft a letter, which we deliver to the respective EU project team led by First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, Vice-President Jyrki Katainen, Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella, and Industry Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska.

###Guest for the event:
Dr. Dominik Klepper, Director Policy, Environment and Sustainability, Markenverband
@Chris, Founder nextcycle and Global Waste Ideas
Silke Gebel, MdA Bündnis 90/ die Grünen

Monday 15, time will be fixed during the Assembly

Join us in making the first OSCEdays European Policy Recommendation on the much needed Circular Economy Package


It would be great to hear what the outcome of this was @Alice_audrey

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