[CHALLENGE] Designing The Circular Economy Multi-stakeholder Game

Fresh Forces and The Natural Step share the vision, will and drive to accelerate towards a more sustainable future. Both parties believe that a systemic multi stakeholder approach to reaching this goal is a necessity. One way of becoming conscious of the interdependence between different stakeholders is by using multi-stakeholder live face2face games. Both parties co-created The Newtonian Shift energy transition game especially for the Alberta electricity context. Now both parties are join in designing, creating and hosting a Circular Economy Game. This game will be played among other places within the Circular Economy Innovation Lab (CEIL). At this day we will, together with you, lay the foundation of this transformative game. Want to join?

Maarten Robben is a Dutch game expert and the creator of The Newtonian Shift and many other multi stakeholder games. We need help of Circular Economy experts who carry a systemic overview; who know the dynamics within this system; who know about the important stakeholders and also their internal dynamics; their mutual and conflicting interests; a light theoretical understanding of circular economics comes handy. We need people who can think freely and who would like to be part of the conception phase of a game.

To fill during and after the event:
This challenge started as:

This challenge ended as:

Describe the evolution of your group’s thought process, what you did during the day:

Key things you learned:

The feedback you received, and how it was applied:

The practical outcome of this challenge is:

The Future: What elements did you decide to: pursue, pivot, purge, pause?

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Sounds pretty interesting, but I did not get it clearly, yet. Can you give an example or share your experience with this kind of game? Only this short question first as the thread isn’t that young anymore. :wink: Thank you!

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This game was a concept that a group worked on during OSCEdays Vancouver and I am not sure what has happened with it since then. The best thing to do is contact Maarten directly and see where he has progressed. His email is maartenr@frisseblikken.com.