[CHALLENGE] Creating Social Opportunities for Conversation


How might we create social opportunities for conversations on climate and sustainable solutions?

Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ZvlYJGde2SQkY5SklVc3NveGc


Problem Statement:
How might we create social opportunities for conversations on climate and sustainability solutions for mainstream Americans?

Key stakeholders:
Community leaders
Local small sustainable business

Key issues/challenges:
­1. Afraid to share their views on climate; social norm.
­2. Not an inherent priority for government and individuals
3.­ Available solutions are not so relevant to individuals

Key insights:

  1. ­Relevant, personal
    ­2. Tangible, measurable, visible
    3.­ Fun, inspiring, cool, trendy

Short description of your idea:
An interactive immersive pop­up to educate the community of local environmental impacts and solutions with alternate futures to share with their social networks.

What need/problem are you addressing?
Starting the conversation and saturating the information

How does your solution solve the problem?
It brings impacts and solutions at local level and makes it more relevant to individuals. VR/AR technology uses immersive visualizations to evoke emotional response. It encourages individuals to start a conversation and to take action.

What questions do you have still?
How to scale? How to get people to share their experience? How to make action against climate change a social norm?