[CHALLENGE] Building a Circular Economy Lab for Berlin

@Alice_audrey, maybe you can write a description of what we’re doing, and some backstory - this post is a wiki.

Documentation pad: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_circularlab

Did anything ever come of this?..I’ve launched a CE innovation lab, currently based in southern California, but open to relocating it/connecting/joint-venturing with another lab(s) globally: http://circular.cofounderscrunch.com/

Hi @brandonhighland, yes indeed:

CRCLR Lab is hosting the 2016 OSCEdays right now!
it’s a long-term project, so it will take a number of years before everything is fully functional, but the space is already there and under development.
Contact @simonlee and @Alice_audrey to talk about collaboration, partnerships etc!