How might we scale waste-to-resources program to new and global markets such
as urban waste?

Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9ZvlYJGde2SQmFFdEFqd0Y1dDg&usp=sharing

Problem Statement:
How might we scale waste-to-resources programs to new island markets?

Key stakeholders:

Key issues/challenges:

Key insights:

  1. Entrepreneur has established relationship with local business
  2. Entrepreneur is focusing on biogas, but there may be other opportunities to convert food waste into value
  3. Perhaps entrepreneur can retrieve other types of waste from existing connection to food waste

Short description of your idea:
The worlds first and largest business that collects, sorts and stores waste to repurpose as energy, fertilizer and products.

What need/problem are you addressing?
Need more money

How does your solution solve the problem?
Diversifying the business, creating new revenue streams

What questions do you have still?
How to coordinate workers, transportation and communication.