CHALLENGE: An Open Source Circular Economy business model based on a Global Design Commons

We are exploring a new system-level model for scaling our work here to have significant global impact in a model called OSCLE-coupled Global Design Commons that combines the collaboration model that OSCEDays is implementing on this website and the possibility of using the designs here in a systematic way to build entire community economies.

This is based on Michel Bauwen’s vision for a Global Commons as part of the Commons Transition Plan

This is an ongoing project and we explore it on June 13 at our local Cape Town event.


I think that we have to gather as customers. If we want OSCE or OSCLE we have to buy products according to it. We can choose products and suppliers that are really sharing and have open recipe.(It means that everybody could manufacture these products, they tell us their cost, and all product and company information).
And because our commitment with them, they do not need to spend in marketing.

We have to lear to buy using information, not only perceptions…

I got a PLATFORM project that allow this. (It incorporates virtual community money as well)
Should I open a new ¨Chalenge¨???

Hi Miguel,

That’s a good question. This is the way I see it. A part of coming together is sharing ideas. Now different groups of people around the world often come up with the same idea. The sharing economy is about sharing, not about competition. So we all have the same perspective of wanting to help each other.

So if two projects have the same idea, should they be different? The danger is that if they are, then they may create two different standards and replicate work. Why reinvent the wheel? I think that ultimately we all have the same vision of wanting to create a platform for everyone to benefit from. Along this journey, we will meet many organizations that have the same idea. It becomes important to think on the system level of how to proceed in an effective manner that unites everyone and inspires each to contribute the best. I think you should just publish it and also share that you know of other projects with the same vision. This then may attract more projects with the same vision and we can then ll meet and discuss merging our resources and co-creating a unified approach. How does that sound?

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You are right. But publish here?? It s a power point and an excel and I have to explain it… I am going to look for the best way to share it… But It was clear that it is the same challenge you opened. So I continue here…

OK. First lets us try to agree about this point N1 and then we go forward …
… as a way to assure market to the Circular designed products and to get out from the vicious circle that we are in, where suppliers can not stop selling ¨bad¨ and products that pollute.

If we understand our behavios now and in the future with OSCE, wi will be much more closer… :slight_smile:

1.-Consumer Behavior.


**_ we (customers) are conquered or seduced by the offer that uses marketing.
Why?? Because everybody is trying to maximize benefits and need to sell to survive.


Customer will decide consumption regarding information (aware of the effect of their choice)
Customers will share their needs on the web

2.- How we achieve a platform to allow this??
(Help customers understand their need, compare products information, and give their needs to the suppliers)

3.- How can we gather us without spending money and too much efforts to achieve this???, I mean, how can we make people bring more people ??
4.- How can do it sustainable??? (financially sustainable and very very transparent).

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Hi @Miguel Great to see you and Ferial have been working together! Did you catch Ferial’s talk today? She was pretty amazing, talking about developing the new platform.

Lena will post all the great speakers from today, many talking about a collaboration platform. All the different parties are interested in collaborating together to build the best open source platform possible to facilitate real global collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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