[CHALLENGE 4c1d1a]: Gosol Community Solar Thermal

This is Challenge 4a from the Cape Town CH 4c1: Community Renewable Energy


Local with global implications

Note: All our challenges are collaborative. Skype, email or contact us if you want to work with us in real-time! Let’s make a better world for everyone together! gien@stopresetgo.org


South Africa is a country blessed with a lot of potential renewable energy. The Gosol solar thermal technology makes a compelling case for community renewable energy in those communities blessed with abundant sunlight. Gosol technology is a proven, local, scalaeable cost-effective solar thermal solution for artisans, entrepreneurs and industries. The 22 kW unit is the biggest of their local energy solutions and is the most circular. With this unit, temperatures in the range of 600 Deg C are achievable, Aluminum melts at 660 Deg C and theoretically at this temperature, with the right molds, one can create the critical reflectors to build new Gosol systems. This makes it a self replicating clean technology once this is achieved.

Gosol has a “free” open design model and raise sponsorship money for their build guides through their crowdfunding campaign. Anyone on OSCE who knows of someone who can sponsor the Cape Town and Johannesrburg build, please send them our page and get them to get in contact with gien@stopresetgo.org


Activity: Build the 4 kW unit

We want to try to build a 4 kW demonstration unit for OSCE Days Cape Town and Johannesburg to demonstrate the community development potential of the technology. It is made with common materials and we encourage the maker community to come out and give a hand on this one.

We also invite other OSCE communities around the world to join in and build one in their communities. The 4 kW unit is 7m square area and can attain temperatures of 450 Deg C. through vertical heat plate transfer. This module is used for food-processing, biochar-making, pottery, desalination and other heat-based processes.

The ultimate build for a future challenge is to the 22 kW unit, which is 32m squared and can attain temperatures of 600 Deg C and can provide Modular solar steam generator for high steam pressures. The 22kW unit can be used for local community manufacturing, industrial and semi-industrial process heat and combined heat and power solutions.


  • makers
  • welders
  • mechanical engineers and students
  • industrial design professionals and students