CHALLENGE 4: Local circular communities - scaling out local holistic community with circular economics

This is Challenge 4 from the main Cape Town framework challenge



Note: All our challenges are collaborative. Skype, email or contact us if you want to work with us in real-time! Let’s make a better world for everyone together!

Local circular communities are the logical building block level of a global commons vision. In the United States, there is a refrain gaining popularity: “from Wall Street to Main Street”. Less than a century ago,most people lived is small communities. Large cities were the exception. Now they are the rule. The global commons movements envisions moving back to smaller community building blocks. In our modern world, this means small communities EMBEDDED WITHIN urban centers as well as small rural communities.


Activity: Global brainstorm session and begin initial design

This challenge can view the community as a building block between bigger and smaller entities. Above communities are larger urban centers or regions and below them are households.

Above: regions or urban network
Below: Household

This challenge considers what it takes to curcilarize communities, both new and existing.


  • urban planning
  • sustainable architecture
  • building construction
  • sustainable materials
  • systems analysis
  • industrial symbiosis
  • circular economy
  • local living economy
  • open governance
  • software development
  • engineering
  • sociology
  • anthropology