[CHALLENGE] 3D printing bio-based materials

Does anybody have experience with hemp filament 3D printing? How about spider silk?

What are the best sources for bio-based 3D printing materials?

Thank you.

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Í have wondered a bit on that myselof for printing parts of a shoe.

We have an answer: Chalmers University in Sweden just published the results of their successful research into cellulose 3D-printing. They used wood as base material, but I assume any type of cellulose would work.


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Other examples of 3D printing with hemp:



OSCEdays 2016 Indianapolis will use bio-based filament for 3D printing. The filament is made by an American company based in Fargo, North Dakota.


We will use Biome3D plant-based PLA (the creation of UK manufacturer Biome Bioplastics) and the Entwined industrial hemp filament. We want to encourage everybody to stop using ABS or any oil-based plastics and use exclusively sustainable materials.

Our event is part of the eSTEAM summer camp at KHEPRW Institute for youngsters aged 10 - 15.

If anybody has experience with 3Dprinting this type of materials and ideas of the most useful objects made out of these filaments, please share it. I want the event to be great fun and learning experience for the campers and everybody else attending.

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