Can everyone get a category?


we have this topic in our forum where people can ask that we add a category for their city. Now for the first time someone asked.

We never really spoke about who can get a category here. Do you have to create local event to get a category? I don’t think so. I think every local group or whatever that wants to get something OSCE started and wants to use our platform to organize can have a category. So I created the category asked for by vic.

But what do you think?

sure, this makes sense, but only if the category is actually used!

The reason I suggested to use the Other category for the first call for collaborators (see the onboarding discussion) is because I was worried that people might ask for a category, and then either a) not post in it, or b) post in it, but not receive any response.

If we give out lots of categories but they are not used, it fills up the Cities category with empty subcategories, makes the forum look inactive, and lowers the signal-to-noise ratio.

Jeap great. And good thinking. I will have a look later and delete some of the old and unused city categories from last year.

And the “Other” solution from the onboarding discussion is great. In this case Vic asked for a category. He came up with the idea himself. So green light. But we should not suggest it.