Call for Papers: CUMULUS 2016 in Hong Kong - Open Design for E-very-thing

(21-24 November in Hong Kong)
The theme of Cumulus Hong Kong 2016 is ‘Open Design for E-very-thing — exploring new design purposes’ and will be hosted by Hong Kong Design Institute, a member of Vocational Training Council of Hong Kong. Cumulus Hong Kong 2016 seeks to explore this openness of design, namely the opening up of design process and design for openness. Six different tracks are also set to explore the new purposes of design.

Designers, design researchers, design students and citizens are all to be a part of a series of events concerned on open design, a new design practice:

  • International Design Conference on Open Design
  • Round Table Cumulus Working Group Meetings on Open Design
  • Design Movie Festival to celebrate Open Design
  • Design exhibition to showcase Open Design
  • Open Design tours to explore Hong Kong design scenes

There is an Open Design for Environment track:

I’ll be submitting the POC21 documentary, but we should have something from OSCE as well!
@sharmarval @TechnicalNature @Lars2i anyone else interested?

Deadline June 1st.


Hi Sam, looks interesting although not looked into the past conferences on this and who’s attended - from OSCEdays it would be cool to maybe do a practical focused workshop - actually build on documentation during it. Alongside a short paper perhaps. But, probably good to look into it more. Cheers

Thanks Sam. Cumulus is one of the better high level design conferences. It’s pretty academic, but usually great content. I’d be happy to coauthor something, but I’d prefer not to go to Hong Kong as I’m trying to reduce my travel.