Call For Hosts – Video Reporting OSCEdays June 2017

Hi, we are looking for volunteers to set up some calls for the VIDEO REPORTING during the global OSCEdays June 8-12 2017.

#The Job

The job involves 2 things or steps that will take approximately 1 hour of your time each.

##Step 1 – Set Up A Call

As a host you will set up a Google Hangouts On Air Video Call in your own YouTube/Google account and share the links so that people can join it or watch it.

A little tutorial about how to set up a call is shared here.. Test the tech if you don’t know it.

Please set up the call at least 3 days before the event starts and post the links to your calls below here so we can add them to the main topic.

##Step 2 – Moderate The Call

Start the call. If people are joining welcome them. The hangouts will run already but will not be live until you hit the „Start Broadcast“ button. Hit this button to start the stream and welcome everybody officially. Then ask them about their events or related questions. Here are a few things you could ask them:

  • Ask about the plans fort he event or what happened.
  • Ask them why they think Open Source & Circular Economy matters.
  • Ask them about Open Source & Circular Economy in their city or country.
  • Ask them about documentation of circular solution they know and maybe use in their event.
  • Ask them about documentation of circular solutions they are going to create from there event.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself when the call has started.

As a host your most important responsibility is to protect everyones time (watchers & participants). Lenghty discussions and explanations are useful. But make sure that before they start everyone in the call was heard and had the opportunity to share something.

#Cool! I Want The Job.


If you want to do the job let us know in the comment below. Check the Reporting Topic for times without a host yet. Let us know in your comment which spot(s) you want. You can chose more than one. 3 or 4 is a good number but just 1 is ok too.

Each call will have a main host and a backup host. The main host sets up the call. The back up is there if the main hosts encounters unexpected technical difficulties. In that case the back up can quickly set up a new Hangouts On Air and post the links in the comment under the Main Reporting Topic.

When you post your comment about the spots you will take care of let us know if you want to act as main or backup host in them.

Both hosts can join the call of course. The main moderator is the main host unless the main host is not part of the call.

Last comment: In previous years some of the calls were empty because there was no event at that time or ppl. were busy running it. If your call is empty just wait a 15 minutes and then just cancel it unless you want to go live anyway and share something interesting :slight_smile:

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Hi Lars,
Cape Town will host two calls at:

Sat June 10, 10am GMT
Sun June 11, 10am GMT

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Hi Lars - have added as a back-up on the Friday morning and will probably join the call with you anyway.

Then put down for
Sunday am & pm

However… @Johnny_Kerkhof - fancy cohosting a session with me on sunday morning or afternoon? and if no one joins we can also have an update session with each other like last years late shift :slight_smile:

@Bialuz - when might you be online? Would be wonderful to catch-up and share what Exchange4Change has been up to!

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I’ll sign up for Saturday 10am as a backup host.
unfortunately, I may not join on Friday and Sunday.

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