"Call for expert" sub category in "General Discussion"?

i am describing the Baubus challenge right now. And there is a task, where it needs a graphic designer. I remember, we discussed the possibility of “Call for Expert”. But we don’t have it yet.

I think a good place for this could be in a sub category in the general discussions main category. The name of the category could be:

“Call for Expert”

What do you think?

I like the idea of this category - ‘Call for Expert’ isn’t bad, but I think something like ‘Expert Skills Needed’ explains the content of the thread a little better.

mmh, i like “Call for Expert” better because it is active - someone calls.

“Expert is needed” is passive. There is not a someone there is a something - a project, a problem, a case - in need.

someone vs something - people care mostly about … people.

Don’t know, if the someone/something thing is convincing. But the active/passive is maybe more clear. All the books i ever read about good writing recommended to prefer active. Makes everything more alive. And more interesting.

I aslo prefer the notion of “call” as @Lars2i explained but I’m not too keen on the notion of expert. I would prefer something like “call for skills”.
Expert is a bit too strong, I don’t consider myself as an expert. I would feel that I can’t help while I’m sure I have many things to offer.

jeap! you are right.

Although, people might click on “Call for Expert” and then feel somehow flattered if they see that they are fit to answer the question. It is nicer for the motivation i think.

And I also think, people will be more curious and more likely to click on the “Call for Expert” button then the “Call for Skill” button. Because again: An Expert is a human beeing. A skill is a thing. People care mostly about … people. To be addressed as an expert means to be valued in many ways. To be asked for skill you are just a source of labour.

So, what do you think:
“Call for Skills” or “Call for Expert”

(my vote would go to “Call for Expert” but i think “Call for Skills” is also good!)

Hi, i started a category since we had a general agreement that we think it is a good idea. I named it “Call for Skills”

lets see, how it works. http://community.oscedays.org/c/general-discussion/call-for-skills

We can rename it anytime.