[BoST] Mozilla Global Sprint OSCEdays Water Hackathon Read Me file - please contribute

Hi BoST,

Mozilla Foundation Global Sprint has allowed us to post 2 different repositories for the global sprint. They approved the Water Hackathon as the second one which could attract hackathon groups around the globe to participate. Our mentor Drashti feels that we can appeal especially to woman’s hacking groups around the world for participation…

I’ve uploaded the Mozilla Foundation Global Sprint Github Readme file draft here. Please add your thoughts to it before I upload it. This is the source file using Markdown Language. I’ve only used two markdown elements: # precedes a heading and x is hyperlinked text “x” to the URL “y”


OSCEdays Hackathon - Hack the Cape Town Water Crisis

A temporary repo to be copied and pasted into our permanent OSCEdays Water Hackathon repo for Mozilla Global Sprint 2018


Thank you for visiting the Open Source Circular Economy Water Hackathon repository. This document (the README file) will provide you with an overview of the project.

OSCEdays: Open Source Circular Economy Days

The Project

The OSCEdays is an open network with the goal to explore the Open Source Circular Economy. It started at the beginning of 2015. The first achievement was a global event with 33 cities participating from June 11-15 2015 and the creation of a web platform. From there the work continues to develop a global community and actions for an Open Source based Circular Economy. The overall objective is to stimulate a debate and practical action towards a Circular Economy built upon Open Source methodologies.

One of the projects of OSCEdays originating from our member groups Stop Reset Go and Envienta is the Hack the Cape Town Water Crisis, an ongoing series of global hackathons that launched at the Cape Town Science Centre Feb 24-25, 2018. The first hackathon was ideation phase for new ideas to solve the water crisis. The idea is to have a series of rotating global hackathons to develop the ideas into usable solutions for Cape Town and other water stressed cities around the globe.

Who are we?

We are a global collective of open source designers, advocates and practitioners. The OSCEdays are guided by a Board of Stewardship (BoST) – an open international group of members using a transparent workflow to develop the OSCEdays. You can join this group at any given moment. Please feel free to contribute to this effort if you would like to share open source circular designs.

What are we doing?

Traditionally, we hold a one week event each year in June. This year’s event is held June 1-11. We are in the process of re-imagining the platform so that engagement is year round. The Water Hackathon is an experiment to migrate to year round engagement. To find out more about the Cosmo-localization (Design global / Make Local) ethos behind the hackathon, please read these articles:
P2P Foundation article
The Conversation article

Use our Platform!

If you believe that Open Source can transform society to be more equal, and also believe that a circular economy that reduces raw material extraction and pollution loads is desirable, please feel free to join OSCEdays Hack the Cape Town Water Crisis global hackathon and collaborate with others of like mind.


Thanks for your interest in contributing to ! There are many ways to contribute. To get started, take a look at CONTRIBUTING.md.
Some of the ways you can contribute are:

  1. Organize a Water Crisis Hackathon in your city to support Cape Town and other water stressed cities. All designs shared with everyone!
  2. SIgn up to the OSCEdays community
  3. Visit the Water Hackathon page.
  4. Join an existing project or create a new one.

Participation Guidelines

This project adheres to a code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to [gien@stopresetgo.org]. Find out more

Check us out at our Water Hackathon page


Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. MozSprint

Join us at the Mozilla Global Sprint May 9-10, 2018! We’ll be gathering in-person at sites around the world and online to collaborate on this project and learn from each other. Get your #mozsprint tickets now!


The Mozilla Global Sprint requires we list at least 3 issues. On the Github Issues tab, we will list the following issues:

1.organize a water hackathon event in your city
2.refer the project to others
3.join an existing hackathon project
3.open a new hackathon project

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