[BoST Call, May 20, 7 pm GMT] - 2019 Special Call #1

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship
Minimum quorum: 3
Duration: 90 minutes

Please confirm your participation @BoST

Moderator: Mike
Scribe: Silvia
Participants: Gien

1 June events

  • Gien will promote on FB
  • Gien will talk to Ricardo about Twitter
  • Still need to agree on how we will collect the info posted at the #s mentioned in the newsletter

2 IT infrastucture

  • Mike will prepare a scope of work by May 24 and will let us know where it posted for review
  • Review is due by June 3

2 Next BoST call agenda June 3

  • IT infrastructure scope of work
  • June events
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Hello, I would participate for the first 30min or so. Do we call at 6?

I’m here but not added to the convo yet

look for BoST on Skype, I added you to the group.

Unfortunately I didn’t find it though the search bar or through contacts, but it is fine. Just now I skype with the Berlin textile girls and we talked about the June hashtag campaign and the September Berlin event. I will update myself on the Bost call through the scribe. Looking forward to spreading the world ~ Julia