[BoST Call May 2, 7 pm GMT] - 2017 - General Call #15

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

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1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

2 blog post offer (Lars)
3 collaboration with circular economy club (Lars)
4 poster (Lars)
5 collaboration with http://urbandesign.staedtebau.tu-berlin.de/ on the roof-water-farm project in Berlin. They would like a letter of intent from OSCEdays for a funding application. (Maike)
6 update: planning OSCEdays 2017 (all of us: what’s happening?)
7 @cameralibre & @Lars2i got invited to speak with Open It Agency at the EXPO-2017 in Kasachstan - also to speak about OSCEdays
8 Other: please add.
9 H2020 invitation from Tomas: update (sharon)


Hi Sylvia, I can scribe. Hey what happened to Johnny? Would be good to hear from him.

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I will participate too.

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Hi all,
is it May 2 (=Tuesday) this time?

Update. Ah, yes it is. Just saw that.

AHA! We just go on habit!..Like you, Lars, .I didn’t even look at the date when Sylvia sent out the message. Confirmation bias at work! CU tomorrow evening!

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I’ll be with you, but join late


1 Introduction Round
Seigo - planning married
Sharon - published paper, applying for Design Research Society - promotes design research - similar to OSCEDays board.
Lars - friend to introduce you to - Jan Dietrich. Sh: He contacted me before.
Gien - Citizen Science proposal for Cape Town Science Centre
Lars - getting ready for OSCE Days Berlin, met Erica. She has new job. Following OSCEDays but too busy to join right now. Michael will join after dinner.

2 blog post offer (Lars)
L: Someone wrote to us and asked to write on our blog. 3 topics. Seigo - steps to zero waste. Should we go for it?
Seigo: Sure. As long as we can review first.

3 collaboration with circular economy club (Lars)
L: Was approached by a lady who set up CE Club. She is excited by working with OSCEDays. They help members promote their stuff. They are dev a project to map circular stakeholders in a city and want to create method and collect data. We bounced simliar idea. She will open the data. Seigo contacted her.
Seigo: I don’t remember getting anything from her. I’ve done circular mapping for cambridge. I’ve scrapped websites for charity shops for cambridge. I only noticed them recently. I’ve seen a few names before who were involved with OSCEDays. They are based in London but some members are elsewhere.
L: She is living in two cities. She is in London a lot. I connected you via email. I even have the email between you and her.
Seigo: I’ll check. I don’t remember getting that.
L: Date is april 23. She sent me email with membership application, including draft release. It’s a long draft. It puts me on the spot a bit because we were chatting on skype. I don’t see any risk in joining them.
Sh: Agreed.
Seigo: Are links working? It’s in IE and I’m signed in on Chrome.
Sh: Alignment of visions? What other activities do they do?
L: She said they organize bigger events. They have no intention to move into consulting or make it a business. It looks like she is the person in charge and just excited to promote it. It has a feminine look. It looks like a fun project. She seems like a really nice person.
Sh: I don’t see any reason why we souldn’t get involved.
Seigo: I agree
Gien: Agree
L: I like their tutorial idea on how to map circular stakeholders. We could share on our forum.
Hi Maike
M: I’m ill again.
Sy: Hi, I have cold and will just listen in.
L: we just decided we don’t see any risk in joining Circular Economy Club. If there are no further objections I’ll give it a go and put thier logo on our website.

4 poster (Lars)
L: Developed slowly, started awhile ago. I want to see the various versions. Sharon, Maike, Jan and Ricardo added feedback. I’ll look at design ideas. It has to be ready on June 10. I want to show at Maker Faire Berlin at our OSCEDays booth.
M: I thought poster can be used by anyone who wants to present OSCEDays in any other country. We can then start another translating line once it’s done.
L: Small letters on poster: Shared on open license, as long as you leave this remark there. I’ll try to create something that looks ok using MS Word so anyone can edit.
Seigo: There’s nothing around reduction or virtualization, only production. Do you want to add these ideas?
L: I thought about it for Maker Faire so I envisioned on wall of a maker space, where people produce stuff. If you think other things should be part of poster, I’m happy to edit.
Seigo: If that’s the audience, I don’t see problem with it. For example, this mapping project would not be included…not physical, tangible object.
M: Maybe when we publish, we should communicate that - we designed poster for maker spaces and we can make different iterations for it.
L: That makes sense.
Seigo: Good idea
L: There needs to be a link where people can download digital version: OSCEDays/posters Other posters can go here as well.
Sh: sounds good.
M: Let’s try it out then comment.
L: OK.

5 collaboration with http://urbandesign.staedtebau.tu-berlin.de/ on the roof-water-farm project in Berlin. They would like a letter of intent from OSCEdays for a funding application. (Maike)
L Maike, this is your project. Please fill us in.
M: Roof farm project. If you talk to someone like I did now, and they say “can you give us a LOI we will look into colloaboration” it’s not binding. Who do I need to consult? Should it be done on local level or have general guideline where limits are for who to give the letter to. It’s obvious that it’s universities and academia is open source and it’s a CE project. Who do I consult?
L: When asking for LOI, we can discuss and give a go or no go. That’ easiest.
Sh, Seigo: Agreed
M: I don’t see any harm in doiong so. It’s just not binding. We get access to what they are doing. I find it interesting what they are doing and want them to be more open and publish it. You can see on their website, there’s no building plans, etc. I now have plans for funding applications. If everyone is ok, I’ll write such a letter.
L: Often they have a template and send to you to sign. Make sure you can make it shareable for the BoST.
M: I can upload on internal BoST so you know what I signed.
L: Portfolio of collaborators - as it grows. Should we have a webpage that promotes our collaborations.Working with other groups is helpful. Other organizations may reach out if they see this.
M: Didn’t we have this at bottom of website?
Sh: Yes, friends and partners but if there are more specific collaborations, it would be good to have a bit more text.
L: A separate section at bottom of page called “Collaboration projects” with link to a page.
Seigo: Projects link
M: Usually it’s time limited. This one is probably 3 to 5 years.
L: I’ll see what I can do.
Sh: It’s good to show projects
L: HOw is this different from partners?
Seigo: Partners is not time limited, the projects is almost like case-studies.
Sh: With DIF it was set period of time with set things.
M: It was kind of formal, with a contract.
Sh: It shows process, output, development. The partners we have on there now, for a lot of them it’s just an endorsement.
L: Other projects in past?
M: Micro Energy Intl. Their work looks really, really good - bottom up energy grids - start with single household and moves to villages. It can be expanded and eventually connected to national grid. It’s very flexible. It’s quite nifty. It started as a TU Berlin project. We should really look into it.
L: IF you can find email, please reconnect me.
Sh: Quick email update from Thomas - that’s another example.
L: Put it on 9 of agenda. Fab lab Barcelona is leading projet with IKEA, etc and want to do something on distributed manufacturing. They will be notified at end of may if they get invited on second round. It’s a very cooperative call. They think they have a good chance. We already sent email to Thomas. I was invited to Fablab Berlin, they are part of proposal and are also interested. They saw my stools and interested. They may even talk at OSCEDays Berlin and talk about this proposal.
Sh: Maybe - it comes back to our structure. It would be good to have a way to receive funds. We will continue to be invited.
L: Same with TU Berlin. Do they know we don’t have a formal organization Maike?
M: Not really. In their application draft, they have partners and I said I was part of various organizations - do you still need LOI, etc. They were happy. We didn’t discuss in detail what this would entail. I was thinking of the Circular lab at Agora. The question for the boss was more of a general one. Should i work with everyone or just go witth the Berlin crowd.
L: If we setup organization, it will again be in Berlin and a lot of work. I don’t see this happening for now. If TU or Fab Lab gets funding, then the energy can be there to setup organization very quickly. So I suggest we wait until it’s necessary then do quickly at that time.
Sh: OK. I think things are fine. It’s just somehow up to now and foreseeable, we might miss out on some opps because of this. I agree with you, but the types of collabs we are invited to…they require a structure in advance to particpate. I don’t have a strong opinion but it’s an observation.
Seigo: It’s a catch-22. We need to have a long and clear strategy even higher than mission vision process and then decide what structure that suggests. There are new online structures that are distributed but maybe that’s too advance. I don’t have a good answer. Do we miss out on promoting ourselves out there?
Sh: Urban Design Berlin - it’s relevant. Also what Thomas is bringing to the table. Maybe we continue the conversation. WE won’t answer it today.
L: This is an answer we have to find soon. For me, it’s finding the energy and time to do this.
M: What about strategic kind of special call - that’s only dedicated to the framework.
L: That was suppose to happen in April
M: Nobody felt responsible for setting it up so it doesn’t happen.
Sh: There has been some work. Seigo, Gien and I did what we could on the call. We agreed to develop a working document. I think it’s moving. We just have to pick it up again.
M: For me, I wanted to contribute but I have no time because I’m working on two other strategy papers right now.
L :Maybe we do it more slowly. 3rd call - start with strategic discussion and give ourselves time to develop something. Or we can set the next specifically planning call. Probably the same, right?
Sh: It would be useful if we could have full round of comments on the existing document. Then organize a dedicated session. A collaborastive working session.
M: I had a quick look at the strategy development paper. It might be a good idea to put it out into the public at this year’s OSCEDays to have a look…dedicate a one hour session to commenting on it to get input from the community.
Seigo: When we had conversation, we said let’s try to get something done by June 10 and everyone go through the draft and everyone comment, then have an online hackathon to agree that it’s a relative stop point. If we can push everyone to comment to comment relatively soon and put down a date for the working session.
M: How about June 1? After that, we wont’ have time to do anything like a public session.
Sh: Let’s select a date today. It makes sense to comment individually, work together as a group, then share with our public to get input.
M: It’s not just the input. Strategy is not something WE do, but the community has a say in it. We should explicitly go out and seek the community and seek transparency and openness as a matter of principle.
Sh; Ok. So how do we move forward? Should we schedule a session? June 1? A month from now.
M: We should leave some time before OSCEDays or we will be too busy with our own local event.
Seigo: May 29th?
Sh: It’s a holiday in UK - Bank Holiday.
L: June 1 works for you Seigo?
Seigo: My fiance’s dad arrives
L: May 30th seems to work for everyone so let’s commit 7pm GMT?
(everyone): OK

6 update: planning OSCEdays 2017 (all of us: what’s happening?)
L: Anyone have anything to share about planning? Who’s doing local event?
G: We are exploring C-SET - Citizen Science, Engineering, & Technology development with Cape Town Science Centre this year. Anyone other cities who want to co-design with us are welcome. Can we prepare the OSCEDays to host projects permanently?
L: I stopped shariing cloud since Sam left. I don’t trust it anymore.
G: Should we store on Google Drive and link to it from OSCEDays?
L: Yes. Because we are developing in Berlin - a lot of people don’t want to use the forum…it’s too hard etc, I push the communities to use the forum here in Berlin. It’s an experiment we should continue. I see problems but will give it a go. I will ask people to share good links and create announcements so they have ownership of topic. That’s the new experiment I will try this year.
Sh: I haven’t spoken to Erica for awhile. I’m in Hong Kong but I will run an event at the Uni. Probably just a day event.
Seigo: I’m getting married during the event. I’m trying to do the wedding circularly. I’m promoting circular economy on my website. That could be a way of participating.
:L : There’s no pressure to run an event. It should be fun doing it.
Sh: I’m going to discuss it at our research meeting tomorrow. I don’t have much time but we have support people who can run events. A lot of time to find venue. Maybe in Berlin it’s easier.This has consistently been a problem for us. If we can just do it at Uni, it’s easy.
L: London is good crowd. It’s a small group but impactful.
Sh: I want to focus on circular city.Is it in German?
L: We will use both languages - German first, English 2nd.I’m excited about content this year - startup developing open source battery packs. On street, you can drive by on street - if it’s empty, draw out new one. They make battery as small as possible. They are around for 20 years. It’s serious.
G: Can they spread this to other cities in our network? That is one of our strengths.
L: Jose?
J: I’ve been working a lot with OSE. It’s been really nice. Detailed documentation. I think it’s very good. We built 3D printer in one day. That was very successful. Workshop and documentation. Replicate around the world. I would like to see something like that at OSCEDays.
L: Cool. Whenever you are ready, we are ready.
J: I think we can even do it better. We can build a commons maker space that is community based and can be done with this kind of workshop.
L: In strategic framework document we talk about this.Maybe you can share the 3D printer project.

J: I started printing with 3D printing. The OSE is for industrial application using recycled plastic.

7 @cameralibre & @Lars2i got invited to speak with Open It Agency at the EXPO-2017 in Kasachstan - also to speak about OSCEdays

L: Sam and I got invited to speak. Any comments?

8 Other: please add.
Sh: I missed the docuday events. When is the next one?
L: Maybe May 13?
I have good feedback.
G: Check out Circular Economy Club to see if they have space or can help with your event?
Sh: Good idea.
Seigo: I also have contact I can refer to you
Sh: I think the space issue is solved. I’ll know tomorrow if we have it or not.

this is the micro-energy project at the Technical university Berlin I mentioned: http://www.microenergysystems.tu-berlin.de/conference/

Oh interesting! I recognize the name. I stumbled upon them just recently and thought it was a project we would have synergy with.