[BoST Call Apr 18, 7 pm GMT] - 2017 - General Call #14

Agenda to follow. Mark your calendars @BoST

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in Europe that’s Easter Monday, public holidays, family day.

This call will be an exception: scheduled for Tuesday due to the public holiday in Europe.

Hi all, I won’t be able to join this call.

I plan to attend, I am in Paris now, but in case I don’t make it on time, please start without me.

Me neither, so can’t do backup today :-/

Hi Guys is there a meeting? I am on skype and there is no call

whoup. Holidays are always dangerous for our calls :slight_smile:

I was on vacation and without a charger for my laptop. Just got back.

looks like this one didn’t happen. the next scedules BoSt would be 1. May, another public holiday. Should we move it to the Tuesday 2.?

Topics as far as I know:

  1. blog post offer (Lars)
  2. collaboration with circular economy club (Lars)
  3. poster (Lars)
  4. collaboration with http://urbandesign.staedtebau.tu-berlin.de/ on the roof-water-farm project in Berlin. They would like a letter of intent from OSCEdays for a funding application. (Maike)
  5. update: planning OSCEdays 2017 (all of us: what’s happening?)
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Yes I agree it is best we postpone until Tuesday May 2nd.

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