[BoST Call May 15, 11 am GMT] - 2017 - General Call #16


Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

Please confirm your participation @BoST


##1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

##2 Updates on ongoing projects/collaborations


There will be a next edition of the DOCU-DAYS on May 27-28. Let’s brainstorm how to make more impact with it.

@Lars2i plans to add a point to the forum menu about resources.

##4 OSCEdays 2017 - news, to-do-list

  • VIDEO: We should have a global video reporting during the Main-OSCEdays. Or should we not? Anyone care to set it up? This is how it looked: LAST YEAR | during OPEN LABS

##5 Other - please add




Call postponed because to few participants. We probably should discuss this morning calls if they make sense at the moment.


sorry, I had a doctor’s appointment.

Postponed to when?

update from my side: we’ve uploaded the English and German subtitles to the tutorial which are now in the review process (nothing much to report there) and I’ve just finalized my workshop at the Makerfaire (nothing spectacular, the plan is to introduce the maker scene in Berlin to including circularity in their projects, just need to think about how to document the format). @Lars2i : I keep forgetting to explain to you the story with SEER4All and Noara, and also the other girl… please remind me next time we meet, or give me a call whe it suits.

feedback to the last OSCEsaturday here in Berlin: I think it was a pity we didn’t do a proper barcamp, like this we had loads of interesting people but didn’t make any concrete plans, I think some people were hoping for more detailed outcomes

@everyone on BoSt: could you simply shortly write your updates here please?


Can we try to re-schedule the meetings? I see for the last ones than few are availables on this ours.


@RicardoRug You mean to reschedule the “morning”-meetings.

What time would suit you?


In fact I think we should readjust the schedule of the 2 meetings to know if more people could participate. Since some meetings are few people.

For me this semester has been impossible the 2 schedules. They cross me with classes. So I try to give an opinion on the summary of the meeting.


Apologies I couldn’t join this morning as had other meetings.


I am sorry for not attending the call and not letting you know. For selfish reasons, it is too early for me to join the 11 am GMT call, unless the meeting is critical or I am in Europe, so I am all for changing the time to 7 pm GMT for all our meetings.