[BoST Call, Mar 5, 7 pm GMT] - 2018 - DO Call #3

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship
Minimum quorum: 3
Duration: 90 minutes

Please confirm your participation @BoST


1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.
Reminder of roles and tasks: To Do List

2 Actions

  • Grant opportunity Resource efficient circular economy - innovative product cycles an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)1 - @Qing is managing the application

  • Short video or videos (using animation and a combination of fun and serious content) to introduce OSCE model and be posted on the main page - @RicardoRug is in charge

    The Diagram will be included in the content of the video

3 Update the To Do List for Lars’ roles

4 Campaign for OSCEdays 2018
Communication - who will work on the newsletter?
Other tasks

5 Agenda for next DO call April 9

What time do we start?

Hi Maike, at 7 pm GMT. See you then.

I’ll be a bit late as I’m teaching until 7:20

Hello I will not be able to be present at this meeting because i have a last moment meeting with the directors of the polytechnic of Turin master degree on systemic design, to talk about the issue of conect different universities in the world to work for the development of Hack the water crisis activities.

For which I ask you a excuse.

I want to tell you that I will leave you some sample videos i make on these days and a summary to be reviewed during the meeting as part of the topic of the videos.

Apologies, I realise now I may not be back in time from other commitments. I will aim to join towards the end of the call if I can - would be good to just get aligned on the Mozilla work for those that are participating - aims for the programme, what can we realistically get done and what would be most additive considering the updated strategy etc.

I attached a link to the proposed script, a kind of storyboard so you can review it at a time that you have during the meeting.

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Meeting Minutes

1 Introduction Round

Syl: Congratulations to Gien for a successful Hackathon
Gien: Hackathon
I see lots of real impacts coming out of the hackathon
Qing: China has water event that could be good to introduce our hackathon to them.
Syl: We hope Lars can come back. We want to prevent future situations when we are too dependent on him. Lars is still organizing Berlin event. He hasn’t completely abandoned. He just won’t participate in BoST…like maintaining the forum.

2 Actions

Grant opportunity Resource efficient circular economy - innovative product cycles an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)1 - @Qing is managing the application

Qing: It’s going well. We have problem and having no legal organization. But I can find a leading consortium to be leader of the program and we can apply as a partner. I’m talking with accountant. Others are interested in platform because we are the only one working with open source and circular economy. I think we have a good chance. I spoke with people in other research institute and we are trying to determine our approprate job function. Lars said he cannot be part of it. I’m also quite new in this area. I need some help from you about how to write the content. I will have another meeting this week and revert to you.

Syl: It’s an excellent idea to be a partner. I’ve applied and there’s always these partnerships and subcontracts.

Q: We are just too small. It’s good to have a partner who knows the language for grants. They are interested in material database and improve repair for product. Lars introduced idea of Brazilian organization. Does any have contact for her? Meike will help us to build legal organization. Tax bureau agree with our status.So we can now build our association.

Syl: What fees are needed? We’ll share.

Q: I think it’s under 100 Euro. We need a business leader. Meike said she can do this.Meike and I agreed on work on March 20 to develop the organization.Everyone joins after we apply. We need 7 members. Dr. Reneau, who gave us info on grant, volunteer to be a member, myself (Qing), Meike, Na Kusha , and few others.

Short video or videos (using animation and a combination of fun and serious content) to introduce OSCE model and be posted on the main page - @RicardoRug is in charge

Syl: Ricardo suggested visuals for the diagram, as well as animation storyboard.
Q: It’s a good idea
G: Is the organization going to be called OSCEdays
Q: I suggested it be called Open Circular. We are going to look at a simple, memorable word. Simple easy name can communicate more with people.

Syl: Have you all seen Meike’s suggestion that we organize a special session for a language workshop - to decide the best name.I will pos itnow
N: Can you set forum to send notification for a topic?
Syl: Not sure of the controls.
Q: Bost members should have notifications. Should Bost have emails?
Syl; Need to figure out, if t’s not already on the small list I made.What do you think of a name workshop? Or we can invite all people organizing event in June.
Q: Good idea. we should also use the workshop to find 1 or 2 sentence clear explanation. We should decide name quickly. What do you think of “Open Circular”? People can’t remember OSCEdays or the long spelled out version.
Syl: We can set a date but not sure if Meike would like to invite others? We can set as topic for next tod.
Q: Meike suggested making a new section and advertise a workshop…separate from BosST call.
Syl: Do people have time outside the Bost Call? Let’s leave this open for now.
Q: Can we make suggestions and vote?

Ricardo wants us to comment on Animation Storyboard… Let’s all work on it for the next few days so he can put together the video.

3 Update the To Do List for Lars’ roles

Need to update

Q: When I first came, I got lost in this complex website. For this year, could we make an extra website to say “what is OSCEday 2018”. Gien made a new separate website for hackathon. We should do that perhaps, for the bridging time. We need to give them easy access first.

Syl: main website is self explanatory. I would not suggest another website. Who is on that website now? Right now, emails go to Lars. We need to fill in Lars role and we need training from Lars. Speaking of newsletter, we need someone to write it for 2018 campaign. Does anyone want to volunteer. We’ll put it in notes to see if anyone wants to volunteer.

Q: We only have 8 or 10 cities this year. Two years ago, we had 75 cities. Last year we had how many cities?

Syl: 20 or so. Sam and Lars could not keep up with so many cities so they wanted to reduce the number. We were trying to do the live broadcasting and it was too time consuming.

Nik: We spoke about this - Qing and I. OSCE is about a global community. It’s important to keep it as a global community but I understand that to manage 75 cities is difficult. Especially if only one or two people are handling it. It would be interesting to ask people why they are not participating. Is there any feedback about this?

Syl: I think we gave up on trying to find out why so many dropped out. The newsletter goes to everyone. So at least everyone is aware. some cities in States said they would organize something and it never happened. It’s nice to see new cities. We need to figure out a way to explain to newcomers and hope the ones who know how will just do it.

Nk; I am interested to hear why they stopped. I want to see OSCE as a global movement. If cities are joining, at least one city per country…the more cities, the more it inspires others. At least for me, it’s motivating. The other idea we spoke about yesterday was organizing this live bridges, maybe in future, one city could be the guest of OSCE…like Frankfurt book fair, they could organize this live bridges themselve. One city is organizing the global meetings.This is during OSCEdays.

syl: I think it’s a good idea to be the connector. That makes it easier for the time difference.

Q: I think in the last 3 years. Maybe we can just use Mozilla technique, divide people into 4 groups who are in nearby timezones to teleconference with zoom. Make people feel they are part of a gloal event. We could send people newsletter but it’s one way information flow. There’s not a global cross-border project. They are not alone, they are a big community.

G: I think you have to work on useful things to draw people. Just saying let’s host an event, then expect people to come together…that’s not going to work.

Q: If I’m interested, I will invest my time. That’s no problem if we are talking about activists. but there is a large number of people who aren’t at that level. They are more passive.But these are also important members because they can become more active. If I see Dutch Circular website, they have a million views for one event. If you only have 50 active members, and not reach out to others, we won’t get more members.

G: I think we need to choose relevant themes for this year. That’s what will drive people to them. We open it to the community to choose the main themes. But it does not exclude other themes.

4 Campaign for OSCEdays 2018
Communication - who will work on the newsletter?
Other tasks

Q , G: We invite people to submit themes for global collaboration. Newsletter to go out in April.
Q: Have news letter ready to go out in April. They need at least 2 months of preparation.

5 Agenda for next DO call April 9