[BoST Call, July 9, 7 pm GMT] - 2018 - General Call #7

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship
Minimum quorum: 3
Duration: 90 minutes

Please confirm your participation @BoST

Moderator: Qing
Scribe: Silvia
Participants: Gien, Ricardo, @William (guest)

1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.
Reminder of roles and tasks: TO DO LIST
Note: We have to update the roles and tasks as soon as possible.

_Qing is busy with another project, but she tries to make time for our work _
Ricardo is preparing for OSCEdays event on September 19, working on the Water Hackathon
Gien is working on an agro-forestry project in Cape Town in collaboration with Amsterdam

2 OSCE review
update by Maike and Qing

Postponed, as it is not ready yet.

3 June events review
Silvia will prepare the summary of June events and make it available for the next BoST call
The summary is needed also for the association, as part of its activities and future funding requests

4 Open Actions

  • Video communication - Ricardo
    - give feedback and help with the text - all

Ricardo will finish the videos in the next two weeks
We will all work on editing the English text, once the videos are done
The videos will be poested on the main website
The next newsletter will reference the videos and ask our followers for feedback
Ricardo will show the videos at his Sep event and also get feedback from the participants
Our overarching concern remains our ability to explain clearly and convincingly OSCE concept
Gien informed us about an important discussion on this topic, especially as it applies to open source education, in the recent article by Joshua Pierce
Silvia remarked that we should not try to make the explanation as simple as possible, this is not the idiot’s guide to OSCE. As Qing reminded us, our aim is to expand our community and the practice of OSCE

  • Register association - Maike and Qing
    Things are progressing well with the registration, Maike and Qing met on July 10 to review the documents for the notary. We’ll get an update at our next call.

  • Re-name OSCE using a simpler, better name and acronym - Qing
    This has been a long ongoing topic, Silvia cannot find the discussion in the forum, if anybody else can, please add the link here.
    We agreed to find a marketing expert in our community and work with her/him on the new, crisper name, e.g Open Circular (Qing’s preference)
    Silvia will ask Jaime if he can help us, if he is busy, we’ll put the request for help on the forum and the newsletter

  • Other conference to apply to, which one is it? - Maike mentioned it
    Qing will ask Maike about it.

  • TBA

5 We welcomed William to our call, he described his work and his Structured Open Space (SOS) model
He will work with Gien and Ricardo on the next stage of the Water Hackathon
Testing the SOS model will be part of this second stage
Silvia will try to get our colleagues from California involved
We agreed to schedule a special call (@Gien will set it up) dedicated to this topic and the inclusion of the Indian non-profit in the project and call

5 Agenda for next call on August 6
June events summary

Hi @Silvia thanks for inviting me. A small point, SOS stands for Structured (or Semantic) Open Space, because it is heavily influenced by (arguably based on) Open Space Technology.
Maybe SOS could be the new acronym for OSCE too - Structured Open Source sounds good. Tho’ I’m a little biased :wink:

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Summary June 2018 events:

The June 2018 event season at OSCEdays, our fourth, has been another success with a flurry of events, activities, challenges and solutions happening all over the world. During the June 1 - 11 days, thirteen cities have organized one or several events. The list of cities is as follows:
Berlin, Germany
Roma, Italy
Rennes, France
Seville, Spain
Sabadell, Spain
Nairobi, Kenya
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Montevideo, Uruguay
Paris, France
Melbourne, Australia
Helsinki, Finland

The themes and solutions explored cover a wide range of Open Source Circular Economy aspects. The number is too large to summarize here, but here are some examples:

What do we need to make Berlin circular?

Alternative Energy Playground - A variety of playground items that can generate electricity, provoking the public to think of various ways we can generate electricity (Kuala Lumpur)

Circular design of affordable urban mobility (Nairobi)

Circular opportunities - plastics (Montevideo)

To learn, use, improve, share all the themes and solutions created with passion, talent, imagination and expertise by all our local teams in 2018, please check Local Teams.

There are also five cities which have or will host events in 2018 similar to the June events, They are

Vienna, Austria
Indianapolis, USA
Bogota, Colombia
Leipzig, Germany
Chicago, USA

Keep an eye on upcoming events in the above cities and lend a hand to the local organizers.

We thank all the local organizers, teams, participants, supporters, sponsors, friends for making June 2018 another great year of advancing the goals and dreams of OSCEdays community.