[BoST Call July 31, 7 pm GMT] - 2017 - General Call #21

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

Please confirm your participation @BoST

Moderator: Silvia

1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

2 DIF 2017

How to participate in DIF 2017?

3 Strategic Framework continued

3.1 Current decisions on Loomio
3.2 Vote for the OSCE Roadmapping Workshop with @Jaime still open. Please vote.

3.3 Democratic structure in a german association | Here is what Lars, Qing, Frans found out

4 Workflow Diagnostics & Discussion

4.1 We need to discuss our Open Source workflow and tool chain. Lars started a thread with a statement. We don’t need to finish the discussion today but mention it.

5 Global Projects

5.1 Review the current list on Google drive
5.2 Discuss how will teams be selected or self-selected
5.3 Add some priority and/or timelines

6 Other - please add

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I will be there. I have only one hour. But I will join.

I was again why the global project list is now on a Google document I never saw the link to anywhere… Especially since there are already One | Two | Three | (Four) | (Five) topics on our forum kind of collecting ideas for our future.

And I realized :bulb: that we are not all on the same page about how we want to collaborate. So I started the discussion here:

:star: BoST Workflow & Documentation Troubleshooting – Discussion

I added it also to the agenda above. Because I find it quite relevant.

###Democratic Options Of A German Association

I also added information about democratic options we have in a german association. I made a little video for that even

so, just to be sure, is this call open for other forum members too?
If so, there is no 31.07. in Doodle.


Hi @Nikusha, nope, the call is open for everyone basically. Send me your Skype details via a private message or on FB and I’ll pull you into the call. It starts at 21:00 Berlin Time.

There is quite some stuff on the Agenda for tonight. But you’ll get an impression :slight_smile:

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#Meeting Minutes

Moderator: Silvia
Scribe: Sharon

###1 Introduction Round

No new participants. Amendment, @Nikusha joined late. He is from Georgia, is a designer and has been participating in the OSCEdays in Berlin for some years.

  • Sharon, Seigo, Silvia, Lars and Gien all introduced themselves to Nikusha.

###2 DIF 2017

What do we think?

  • Lars: Not doing Labs at all from now on but will focus on high profile speakers. Moving away from collaborations with grassroots groups to focus more on a corporate of approach. Learners journey could be interesting, but would it be paid? Even if it is unpaid but even a small task then it would make sense to participate using an existing open source business model lecture that he has already. He already has a slide deck that can be reused.
  • Sharon: In general it would be useful to have a more general understanding of their strategy and propose a suite of options to them rather than a single option.
  • Silvia: other speakers get paid. Most of comments during the live sessions are very corporate / marketing-based approaches.
  • Seigo: clarified that this is only the big tent ones. There is no need to reconnect as it’s clear that this is a more corporate trajectory. Treat it as a promotional opportunity to raise awareness of the OSCEdays
  • Who would like to collaborate on it? (Seigo, Sharon…?)

###3 Strategic Framework continued

####3.1 Current decisions on Loomio

  • Silvia: Mission and Vision have been voted on. Everyone is mostly agreed.
  • All: Discussion about the local/global aspects raised some complex questions. What about rare and scarce materials that are mined in African countries but are needed in China for example? We will come back to this debate as a written conversation.
  • Sharon: clarified the use of the words ‘global’ within the mission and vision statement as a word describing the use of OS as a global methodology rather than a criticism or idea about the (lack of) a global circular economy
  • Sharon asking whether or not the use of the language ‘vision, mission, etc.’ is appropriate or could be more compelling if seen as a creative opportunity? Manifesto is common in other areas.
  • Sharon clarified the purpose of the European Commons Assembly
  • All agreed to support.

####3.2 Vote for the OSCE Roadmapping Workshop

  • Doodle: OSCE Roadmapping Doodle is still open. Please vote.

####3.3 Democratic structure in a german association

  • Lars made a video to explain the previous discussions and statutes in brief. The old statutes are still very relevant to our work and ideas. It is a very democratic structure. We are now ready to found the association, once the statutes have been reviewed as well as our new mission and vision statement.
  • BoST is elected by a group of members, who direct the association through a chief. The chief is the legally responsible person and can be hired and fired by the BoST. The chief can be paid to do such tasks.

###4 Workflow Diagnostics & Discussion

####4.1 We need to discuss our Open Source workflow and tool chain. Lars started a thread with a statement. We don’t need to finish the discussion today but mention it.

  • Lars: We have not spoken properly about the workflow, which we need to do. So, I made this topic to suggest how we could work together. We have never really decided how to use the forum, so we haven’t got a common idea about how to use the forum. This is the conversation that we must have, starting with the conversation of whether or not we want to use the forum at all. We should decide what we want to use and why and then we should explain this in the forum. Decisions on Loomio should be copied to the forum as well. Sam created a little tutorial to show how we can use the forum to vote.
  • Sharon: the forum still needs to be reorganised and its not clear where the information should go in the forum.
  • Silvia: to read and think about the workflow in the forum and continue on this conversation
  • Silvia suggests that we avoid being too scattered and if we decide to go with something to stick with it for now
  • Seigo: Someone on the Facebook group posted that they were disappointed about how the forum is organised and how unintuitive the forum is. Maybe we should take a step back and redress it. How do we get more traction beyond this core group of people.
  • Nikusha: the forum as a first step to participation is a difficult step. I’m using it, but it’s not straightforward. It needs to be optimised. The information and layout is not really user-friendly. It was not easy to figure out how to post my project on the forum the first time I wanted to. The BoST calls were also not easy to find and Silvia had to send it in email
  • Silvia: Positive points are that it allows us to document and it will most likely be our foundational tool for some time
  • Sharon: Where I get REALLY exasperated is the variety of headings….actions, tasks, recipes, challenges, meetings, discussions, projects…noise, and more. But there is no real hierarchy or proper categorisations between them.
  • Gien: Project first - that is top priority - a way to categorize projects in a simple and searchable way.

###5 Global Projects

5.1 Review the current list on Google drive
5.2 Discuss how will teams be selected or self-selected
5.3 Add some priority and/or timelines

  • Silvia: Who wants to work on what and when?
  • Lars talked about the ‘PreUse’ project developed by an artist collective who borrow hardware/hardwood for projects and then bring it back in perfect connection. The idea is don’t do anything with something until you know exactly what will happen with it afterwards. He has spoken to TU Berlin already about this. This is a good example of circular design. Lars wants to have an exhibition of PreUse.
  • Silvia suggested that the project owner on the file should prioritise their projects and should also add a timeline to their activities.
  • Lars: How could project be started in the association? There could be a vote. Or, people have to love the idea. Someone in the community might propose a project and the BoST can approve it or support it, through for example, funding application/writing support.
  • Silvia: so Lars would add the PreUse project idea on this list and then people would add whether or not they wnat to collaborate. Also, feel free to add your inputs. I will add ‘priority: high, medium, low’.
  • Silvia: It’s important that each project has a BoST sponsor. (What is a project sponsor?)
  • Gien: I would like to work with Sharon to lead the Hack the Cape Town Water Crisis project, which may morph to a broader project: Hack the X Water Crisis.

###6 Other—please add

  • Seigo: We need a process for the strategy workshop
  • Silvia: we should have a round-up on who is and is not on the BoST.


  1. @Lars2i will contact Joe to get clarification on what the requirements are cc Seigo and Sharon
  2. @Silvia is going to draft the European Commons Assembly supporting statement. All input.
  3. @sharmarval will finalise (with Seigo?) the wording for the Mission and Vision statement and post it in the Word doc. Will also start the forum post to discuss the global/local points raised regarding the vision/mission.
  4. All: review the proposed organisation statutes and the previous conversations about setting up an association that are in the forum before the strategy workshop on September the 8th
  5. All read the workflow thread written by Lars and contribute.
  6. All: think about whether or not there is an opportunity to build a creative language to substitute ‘vision, mission’ etc.
  7. All please vote on the Doodle road-mapping activity with @Jaime
  8. @seigorobinson will draft a first process for the strategy workshop
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Action 2:
Statement draft

Hello guys,

Just came back from the summer holidays and am going to close the Doodle dates.

The date that suits the most people is August 24th at 2pm CET. See you on Skype @sharmarval, @Silvia, @Frans, @nicustasia and @Qing :slight_smile:

Hi @sharmarval, @Silvia, @Frans, @nicustasia and @Qing, just wanted to make sure that you got the previous message and that the call is still up for tomorrow.

Could you quickly confirm that you’ll be there?

@jaime this works for me!

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@jaime I will be there.


I’m sorry I’m out of the work in the team for quite a while.
I’ ll try to come back soon with good news :slight_smile:

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Hey @Silvia, @sharmarval, great first session :slight_smile:

We haven’t had time to finish it all, but it’s on good path.

For anyone who wants to check out what has been done so far you can check here:

We just have a few more things to cover and then we’ll be able to move on to the planning.

Here is a doodle with my availabilities. Could you please vote which time suit you best? Anyone who also wants to join is welcome.

Looking forward to it!


@sharmarval, @Silvia

Given your answers, you can mark on your calendars as the final option the 30th at 2pm CET. :slight_smile:

Anyone who wants to join is most welcome. If you do, please get up to speed by reading the google doc I linked above :wink:

Is it possible to have this meeting at either 12pm or 3pm UK time? I have meetings in between. @Jaime @Silvia

12 pm UK works better for me.

Ok for 12pm tomorrow @Silvia @sharmarval

Action point 3;

@seigorobinson I have updated the Strategy doc with the agreed vision and mission. We need to consider the local/global terminology as outlined here. Any ideas?

I was rolling with:

A global ecosystem of resilient local circular economies bound by the spirit of openness, collaboration, diversity and motivation for a thriving planet and fairer society.

We use and explore open source practices to create, socialize and distribute solutions globally to build local circular economies

Vision doesn’t include the second “global” that Lars suggested as I thought it’s quite clearly implied from the first global - happy to change. I added the “and explore” in the Mission and also your suggestion about “build” as part of the Loomio comments.

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Reading them again now, I think they are great. :trophy: