[BoST Call, July 11, 7pm GMT] - General Call of provisional BoST 18

This is a meeting of the provisional and open OSCEdays Board of Stewardship (@BoST) - See full list of BoST meetings here.

We talked about some topics mentioned in the last BoSt call on June 27.

People in the call: @JuliaP @sharmarval @Silvia

1 BoSt
"Somehow we should try to make the work that goes into OSCEdays more explicit, so that people don’t take it for granted and so it can be valued and potentially funded."

-> Regarding BoSt this can mean pinpointing AREAS of contribution
When announcing role of Steward/ looking for new members/ rearranging our own roles, the new focus could be on a constant area of contribution where people are needed instead of general “Steward” attribute.

-> Reassessing who still wants to be part of BoSt or completely new selection of members

2 Defining OSCE Days

We need to talk about What exactly CAN be defined.
I.e., can we say for sure if we are collaborating with big companies or not?
What are other questions that can be answered already without limiting the potential of OSCE Days/ its role as an open question itself?

3 Outcomes of 2016 / communicating impact

We need a “flagship project” for display with clearly structured documentation from each branch of industry.
@Silvia and @sharmarval volunteered to start collecting. Help is welcome!

4 News

@Silvia draws our attention to the amazing news of an ex-CIA officer confirming the validity of our vision.

5 Future BoSt calls

Why not bi-weekly? The calls inspire and motivate to keep on going. For a while after the event, they can be shorter and more to the point to save time!

Mark your calendars, the next call will be on July 25, time tba.

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Hi, I’m highly interested in the further development. I had begun to translate the statutes from German to English so everybody can read what they say, but then got stopped as it’s unclear whether they will still be in use or the structure will change again. Please keep me updated.

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Hey everyone, good to see that we are looking on taking the next step. I’ve got some thoughts;

  1. BoSt
    -> story telling on the BoSt might be a powerfull tool; make short vids on the people behind the BoSt, how we have collaborated and what why the BoSt invested such a chunck of personal time in the Global OSCEdays infrastructure. This will imply our added value, across different area’s of contribution. These vid’s are a medium which can be shared through our newsletter, on Facebook and through other forms of social media.

2 Defining OSCE Days
These are discussions which have the most depth if held face to face. I’d like to suggest a meet-up, somewhere in October; maybe (prefrebly) linked to an event which we organize / or co-organize (with EMF?)

3 Outcomes
A flagship project which shows all of the core values of the OSCEdays gives focus to our message. I’d like to add to it that small feature items on local events, each highlighting a different aspect of the OSCE mission are a great way to generate content for a all year comms strategy.

5 Future BoSt calls
Totally down with the bi-weekly calls! (i’ve corretly marked my callender this time for the 25th haha)


Hi there, just a few thoughts on this area:

1, BoST
The work and job scope definitely needs to be more defined. It would make it easier to contribute if one knows what is to be expected or what needs to be done by a certain time. The time difference in Southeast Asia and constant traveling on my part makes it difficult to attend calls sometimes. But if there are key targets, it would be much clearer on what one needs to achieve.

2. Defining OSCE Days
There should also be a timeline on where the organization is heading to. It is still unclear on what type of impact OSCEdays is aiming to make on the global community. There has been a lot of awareness on what OSCE is but maybe it should focus on a few main topics.

While an online community is able to connect many people, it is not really the best place to have committed projects.

Could it also be possible to identify “circular economy hubs” or organizations which are pursuing projects in the area and make them OSCE days hubs where people who are interested in OSCE days can have more committed meetups to pursue a project based on circularity.

5. Future BoST calls
I would recommend moving towards a whatsapp chat/ telegram instead of calls for more informal and quicker responses rather than calls if there is to be bi weekly calls.


I suggest to look into using loomio for decision making. That way the process is documented, the decisions are transparent, you can set a deadline for each decision and people can exchange their points and make up their minds while living in different time zones. We could start by discussing and deciding on main topics/ issues/ flagship projects (though so far it’s rather ‘you’ as I’m only on the fringe of the core group)

I also agree with @JayKay that personal meetings of people are essential, but that’s only possible when living in the same area. Skype conferences connecting hubs may be the closest we can manage. Still for Berlin a meet-zp in october sounds good, also to discuss what’s going to happen with the plan to found an official association

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My gut feeling is that perhaps we have outgrown the “Days” part of “OSCE Days”. What I mean is that I feel that we are grasping towards something that is more sustainable, in the sense of having more continuity and real impact in the world rather than just a 1 week event that comes briefly and then is gone for the rest of the year. There is very little activity on the forums the rest of the year. Speaking for myself, I am going to start using the forums actively from now on. As a participating organizer, I am already running full steam ahead with all our global open source circular projects like the Open Source Circular Ecohome project. I’ll be using OSCE Days to attract new participants to these projects all throughout the year. Why not? the website is a valuable infrastructure but we let it sit idle most of the year. Sure, it can be improved, but it’s valuable as it is right now. It means that lots of participating organizations can use it to attract participants for their own open source circular economy projects.

The OSCE Days website is, in a sense a property of the commons. We can all use it. We don’t have to go to the trouble of building our own project collaboration website when we can use this one for free. We can use it to onboard new members to our own respective projects, but since we are all sharing, any new members can also join any other project on the other OSCE Days platform. We should think of OSCE platform as a large “family” platform and encourage family members to bring their “relatives” on board.We should actually market it this way “Hey, do you have open source ethos and are working in the circular economy? If so, then come join the platform and use it as a collaboration system to bring other collaborators on board.” We should actually have a section where we list all the projects and organizations already belonging to the network. I’m sure it’s quite impressive. Right now, nobody even knows how many organizations come under the OSCE Days umbrella, and that is lost marketing capital for us.

I’ve already been interviewed by a local business website on the home and we have only begun designing it. But we are actually building all the technologies right now, starting with our wind tunnel. We just picked up a number of industrial fans and will be finished within a month. Felix, at Maker Station that hosts us each year wants to collaborate with me to hold regular seminars and workshops so we can onboard all those people. Then we will start designing various wind turbines. I think lots of people in the OSCE Days networks are each working on their own circular projects already. This suggests to me that we should rebrand ourselves as “OSCE X” and drop the days for a larger vision…a space which can collectively link to all our ongoing projects and give us a forum to report and share our ongoing work. We can still retain “OSCE Days” for the 1 week of the year when OSCE X collective agrees to converge, meet, share and celebrate our year’s worth of work.


Next call will be again at 7 pm GMT, but we will start alternating again between early morning and early evening GMT, so all regions can participate.

On #5, let’s continue to use the forum, this is our core platform for communication. So even if you cannot attend a BoST call, please add your comments under that particular call, as you did here.

We can also meet spontaneously on Skype, many of us are online at any given time.

Thank you, Silvia

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@Gien: I do agree and try to use the platform like you do, but my experience is that the Cyceloo-people in Berlin are less happy with it (and some also less good at writing in English to keep it international). So I will make the effort of documenting what’s going on for the whole OSCE-community to see but we will use local meetings and mail here for now.

I think that the OSCEdays are still good to make projects visible, get people from different projects together and provide a yearly anchor point to sum up where we are. Nevertheless it woudl be good to also document more the ongoing process throughout the year.

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