[BoST Call August 28, 7 pm GMT] - 2017 - General Call #23

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

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1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

2 Actions
@seigorobinson @Lars2i @sharmarval DIF follow-up if no response from Joe

All: review the proposed organisation statutes and the previous conversations about setting up an association that are in the forum before the strategy workshop on September the 8th

All read the workflow thread written by Lars and contribute

All: think about whether or not there is an opportunity to build a creative language to substitute ‘vision, mission’ etc.

@Lars Update BoST e-mail list.

2 Strategic Framework continued

2.1 Update on Strategy workshop - Seigo
2.2 Other updates/questions - all
2.3 Review time and format (Skype)

3 Global Projects

3.1 Review the current list on Google drive

3 Newsletter
We should send one as a follow up to the June event.

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Moderator: Jose
Scribe: Seigo

1 Introduction round
Attendance: Gien, Silvia, Qing, Jose, Seigo. Nikusha joined late.
How is everybody? All is well

2 Actions
Joe replied, nothing that implies particular changes to what was previously discussed. Next step, those interested in helping @Lars2i present slides (@seigorobinson @sharmarval any more?)
All: continue to read/contribute around statute/association
All: continue to read/contribute around workflow
Creative language around “mission” and “vision”: closed, no great alternative suggestions and “mission” already on the website.
@Lars Update BoST e-mail list.

3Strategic framework continued
Discussed various elements to cover during the session.
@seigorobinson proposed a process – asked for feedback on the proposed process, perceived successes/down-sides of OSCE Days to date and any ideas for future direction.
Action: put up homework questions for people to answer and @seigorobinson to pre-populate
Gien: solidarity piece is key, focus on collaboration and delivering circular economy with other organisations, not just open source (which other commons organistions do). Could we use universities to spread?
Carlos: agree with these thoughts.
Format: agreed 8th September 7pm GMT, Skype. Keep same format for ease. Share slides in case screen share doesn’t work well

Recurring agenda item: Review list of projects.
Not much to discuss.
To add Gien’s EMF and guide/book.

Newsletter: Not a huge amount of knowledge from those on the call on this. May need to check with @Lars2i and @Sharmarval.

ALL: Homework prior to strategy session
ALL: Those interested in supporting @Lars2i present slides at DIF (@seigorobinson @sharmarval any more?) should reach out.
@Lars2i, @seigorobinson, @sharmarval (and any others) to decide how to present and submit any required materials to DIF as an open mic session.
Newsletter to go out: @sharmarval @lars2i?