[BoST Call, Aug 22, 7 pm GMT] - General Call of provisional BoST 21

Meeting on Skype (Google hangout as back-up, link will be posted here).
Please confirm participation at BoST

Moderator: Lars
Scribe: Julia


  1. Election of new BoST update

Current count: Lars, Sharon, Julia, Silvia, Johnny
Please continue to sign up at:

2 Flagship projects

Gien’s proposal - to follow-up at the next meeting or online
Others: Sam is working on the animation project
OSCEDays 2016 summary = work in progress

3 DIF Collaboration

Waiting for Sam’s proposal.
Feel free to add your proposals.

Request from Joe Iles: we’d like to get some basic information on the website before mid-September, so people can get excited about an OSCE-DIF collaboration!

Silvia did answer Joe’s request for basic info and we are on the schedule. Here is the start.



Will be at home this time so that it works…
I can take notes!

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cool. Will be there tonight. :slight_smile:

(I will set up the Skype.)

See you later.

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People on the call: Gien, Johnny, Julia, Lars, Silvia

Silvia: Working on documentation of OSCE Days 2016
Johnny: Relaxing more
Julia: Relaxing and still documenting #circulartextiles challenges
Lars: Preparing for meeting with Veolia
Gien: Working on housing project

Gien: Also continuing work
Lars: Your tactics for onboarding?.. Mine: When meeting/ reading about a suitable (interested, motivated) person, asking them.
Johnny: Maybe skill- focused approach better?
Lars: Yes, also a good idea.
Silvia: People staying on board will be revealed after summer vacation

Gien: Circular house project: Can I use platform in between events to advertise project, find participants & document?
All: That is what the platform is for
Gien: Existing infrastructure on platform is enough, no need for setting up anything new. Planning on using platform as a depository for solutions
Silvia: Inspo: solardecathlon.gov

Johnny: How to encourage more participation on forum? By offering solutions to peoples questions/ needs

Julia: Wasn’t the information depository role of the forum part of a past discussion and we said we don’t want to do that?
Johnny: We don’t just “collect”, we connect information, analyze it, then communicate it.
Lars: There is a difference between the time during the event(s) where people are encouraged to be more hands-on and the time slots between them.
Johnny: We need to enable local communities to develop in the desired direction and for that we can provide info and tools

Lars: Has a new idea for future of OSCE, will post it within next days: “Recipes” for actual local action for generating tangible outcomes.
Johnny: Action-based approach, cool
Lars: Like a board game, people know the rules, how they can contribute

Lars: Lot of projects worldwide that either weren’t OS or CE. Better structure helps
Gien: A good project for this could deal with e- waste and the recovery of parts of it
Lars: I think this is David Li’s idea, too.

Silvia: Has a lot of work to tackle with the documentation. Volunteers to help?

Silvia: Had to confirm that we participate. More proposals are needed. We can also use our physical meeting in October to discuss further
Johnny: We all write our proposals then compare them?
Lars: We need to come up with some concepts and discuss them in two weeks. Then recipe inclusion at this point and also discussion during physical meeting?
Silvia: Let’s all write up our concepts.


Should we open a separate topic for DIF Collaboration under Challenges? I think so. If you all agree, maybe Lars can create it. Thank you.


@Silvia did it :slight_smile: