Book - The Guide to OSCE - How we changed the Global Commons from Tragedy to Triumph

Hi all,

It’s time to move this project from idea to planning. Let’s get this done in 2019.

Description: publish a book about our community, our work and solutions, the OSCE concept in theory and practice


  1. provide an additional format for all the OSCE solutions developed so far
  2. knowledge sharing with a larger audience
  3. make it available in multiple languages and countries
  4. funding for OSCE

A team of 2 or 3 co-editors is needed to start planning. Please volunteer by April 15, 2019

Co-editors are responsible for the following:

  1. Agree on the title
  2. Choose and agree on the content
  3. Select forum writings and solutions to be published
  4. Get approval from authors and teams to have their contribution published
  5. Find publishing house and manage the contract with it
  6. Plan and agree on finances: payments for the project team and selected authors, if any; contribution to OSCE funding, income statement
  7. Find translators in our community and work with them
  8. Other TBD

Project lead: Silvia (co-editor)
Project team: TBA
@BoST sponsor: TBA by April 15, 2019

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@frugalacademy please check this out.