Any chance to "borrow" a live presentation 10 June (livestreaming, skype etc)?

Hello communtiy!
I’m part of the group organising OSCEDays in Romania - Sibiu. Some of the people we are talking to or have invited to the event from other countries (example p are already involved in OSCEDays. Is anyone considering to stream live presentations in their events or would be up for helping make a good skype connection and talk to our group about a project?

Our day is starting to be focused on case studies in furniture design, open hardware and upcycling initiatives sharing insights on how to close the loop from sourcing materials to waste.

Friday, June 10th in the morning would be great.
More about OSCEDays Sibiu: (in progress)
ping @Silvia @Lars2i for connections…



Hi Noemi,

I am happy to be on Skype for a live session on June 10th, even if it’s very early here in Indianapolis. If that works for you, just let me know the time.

If anybody else wants to join, let Noemi know.

For ideas on the topics you will focus on, please see our challenges. I will add some info that hopefully will be useful for the Sibiu events.

Servus si numai bine, Bye and all the best.

Hi @Silvia, I’m wondering if you can have a look on the updated version of our program and confirm a time which suits you better? My guess is 10AM Eastern European time for your intervention is not the best… or if you think we can use a recording/ or a skype with some other mentor that also works.

Also, if you have ideas and resources feel free to share them… we’re still to think more about the smart city. My colleagues wanted to include it as a “question” but I’m not convinced though. 1 hour is nothing unless you have a really strong expert to deliver. Thank you! <3

Hi @NoemiSalantiu

You have put together a very good program, congratulations.

Let’s go than for 15:00 for my contribution, it is 8:00 am for me and I would have had time to start my brain with my European style cup of coffee.

I will post some info in our Resources category, check them out.

Servus, Silvia

Good to know about your availability. 15:00 would be in the middle of Challenge 3: Closing the loop - from looking at the guests there, anything immediate that comes to mind? Your intervention should be in tune with the topic rather than provide an introduction (what we initially discussed). Why, because we are trying to put together the pieces and make sure guests fit well together. Bear with us :slight_smile:

Pimp the garbage or Atelierul de pinza/Recicleta would be my preferences. I could answer their questions or give examples of how this material recovery /repurposing works in the States.

I will be flexble, don’t worry about it. Servus, Silvia