Amman, Please, Introduce Yourself

For community and event organization around Amman.

Welcome to the community forum! This topic is a place where you can say hi to your local and also the global community, introduce yourself, and we can get to know one another a little bit. And people know who is working on OSCEdays in your city.

And feel free to use your city category to organize your local activities: like meetings, programs and so on. Use the tag city-amman when posting in other categories on the forum.

The Seattle category was created after this request by @VaishnaviReddy

Hi there :slight_smile:

We are a network of environmentalists and entrepreneurs which already organized OSCE events in Dubai, Buenos Aires and Tehran in 2017. We love the idea of the growing OSCE network and would be glad if you join us for the organization, the marketing, the moderation or just as a participant in the planned OSCE event in Amman!

The team so far consists of the BlackForest Solutions Team, a German waste management startup, based in Berlin and active in the MENA region and SE-Asia. We would be more than happy to welcome more companies, startups or individuals in our team to create a great event for Amman!

We Will

Important: This is the start of organizing discussion for the first ever OSCE event in Amman. Last year we learned a lot from our other events. One important thing is to connect with local activists and groups for the subject and schedule discussion. So this here will be free to discuss with everybody willing to join the team.

Save the date - 1st December 2018! We are hosting OSCE day Amman in a beautiful house with a garden - NOVA CREATIVE SPACE, Jebel Amman (

It is a one-day event packed with workshops on circular economy, hands-on sessions on waste and water cycles, a demonstration on “Trash to Treasure” etc., plus there is a networking event for students, entrepreneurs, and start-ups organized by cewas Middle East & BlackForest Solutions

Do keep checking in time to time :wink: there will be more updates on the comment section from our partners.