Agiannis resilience project - create a newEarth community

REvitalise a NON productive village into a production hub

Hi. Interesting project, could you write more details about it? Who is developing the project, little storytelling, actions done and to be done, what are your challenges etc. Would be helpful to help you as best as we can.

The core team is also available to help you define and post your challenge in the best way. You can find some inspiration in the challenge category - we still need to define or not a framework to present the projects and challenges the best way. Not all challenges and projects are well writting yet, we are getting there… but you can already have a look around.

I’m personnaly interested in your project, as my local event in France will be in a small town and aims at remixing the city and its territory following the Open Source Circular Economy concepts. We are not in a deserted

If I got it right the project is in Greece right? Maybe you already now each other, @lauren is hosting an event in Athens and planned a meeting today => [MEETING/SOCIAL]- [12th May] OSCEdays Athens, Meet-Share-Drink

She is also connected to the unmonastery initiative if i’m not mistaken, which can a source of inspiration and expertise for your project. Others people here are too, @cameralibre

thanks @unteem. @crisgar we are meeting tonight but this might be too short notice for you. So if you can’t make it, happy to meet you this week online or offline or join us at [Commonsfest!][1] in Athens.