ADD YOUR 5min OSCEdays15 Video Message

We will send out Video Messages every day to inspire the community, give common ground and present problems and also cases.

We will have some “high profile” speakers. But what is a “high profile” speaker – this is not up for us to decide. But you too. So you are very welcome to record a video message yourself and share it with the community.

The ideal video message is 5 min long and presents inspiring and thought provoking questions, problems or also ideas related to Open Source &/Circular Economy.

If you think about recording an OSCEdays Video message get in touch with Sam Muirhead @cameralibre . He might help you with some basic stuff like suggestions for an intro sequence or where to upload the video.

Tutorial and more info - how to record a 5min Video Message for participants of the OSCEdays
(Design Resources are available here)

Looking forward to your videos!

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