Add an "Announcements" Category?

Hi, how about we add an “Announcements” sub-category to the “General Discussions” category. Many things might go on in the forum, but i’ll never check the categories of other cities. But sometimes someone might have something she or he wants the world to know.

A general Announcement or New Board is missing.

For example we are going to publish our “Berlin Call For Challenges” soon. Would be good to make a comment about it in a news stream so people from other cities can contact people they might now in Berlin for example.

What do you think?

Hmm, been thinking similar - we need at least one stream that can be used almost like a newsletter/ notification for global related updates/ announcements and encourage everyone who wants to collaborate globally to follow.

Maybe before though we should think about how best to split up and what are the types of things/ announcements/ calls to action that may be included, likely to come up ( from different user perspectives and levels of engagement)? The danger is if there are too many different things combined in one, people may get too many updates if they don’t wish to know about all of them i.e. I just want to know when a new challenge is posted or I just want to know when there are more timing related global updates/ calls to action… and don’t want to get notified every time a challenge is posted (and switch it off)…can link this with the UX mapping and perhaps some insights from @daaain :wink: