About the Platform Development category

Inventing and developing the OSCEdays platform. In this category you can suggest improvements to the platform, offer your technical or organisational knowledge and experience, offer constructive criticism, report bugs or strange behaviour, and help to get the best out of our home on the web. Read More

Our Platform Development-related documents and resources are stored in the cloud.OSCEdays Global-Platform folder. (send a direct message to Sam to get a login for editing)

The OSCEdays platform is built on Free/Libre Open Source Software.

Currently our main website (oscedays.org) is built on Wordpress, and we’re sharing and syncing documents and ifles using ownCloud at cloud.oscedays.org. To understand where our visitors are coming from and how the website is being used we are using Piwik Analytics. (We anonymize visitor’s IP addresses, we do not share or sell data to 3rd parties, and we support Do Not Track) These services are hosted by Pierre Ozoux of Indiehosters.
This Community forum is built with Discourse.

The Platform Development team members active in this forum are currently Sam Muirhead and Timothée Gosselin, but if you would like to jump on board, we would appreciate any help!