About the Mouans-Sartoux category

Use this category for community and event organisation in Mouans-Sartoux. Challenges, projects and documentation of practical solutions don’t belong in the city category but to one of the Channels like "education“, "food“ or "textiles“. Check out the city-mouanssartoux tag for local challenges.

##Etherpad & Docu-Folder
You can find our collaboration documents in our OSCEdays Mouans-Sartoux cloud folder. If you need to add or edit anything, just message Sam for login details.

As mentioned in the documentation email, here is your editable etherpad for comments & feedback:
And if you need it, a cloud folder for Open Source Documentation:
(you can use http://is.gd to give it a more useful, memorable custom name)

##OSCEdays 2015
Live Report from the OSCEdays Mouans-Sartoux 2015

See all live reports here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8BPfpNyC8uWgFXc2gA0xLQ