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Welcome to the London OSCEdays space!

Please firstly read the London event READ ME about ways to get involved either organising, challenging, contributing online or taking part online of during the days

##OSCEdays 2015
Live Report from the OSCEdays London 2015

See all live reports here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8BPfpNyC8uWgFXc2gA0xLQ

are you planning any textile/fashion related session in London?
Hugs from Berlin,

Hi @sophia , we’ve not had any specific challenges identified here yet on this area but will keep a look out for them and connect! There may be some areas related to furniture related textiles… Think it may also come-up more when we open up the platform wider :slight_smile: Are you a member of the Textile Toolbox on Facebook? Could be some good connections there too. We can maybe try and speak to WornAgain here.


Hi Erica! Ok, great! Yes, let me know if anybody is planning a textile related challenge in London, so that we can connect :slight_smile: I know Textile Toolbox, but I wasn`t part of the Facebook group yet - thanks for the great hint! If you talk to WornAgain, would be nice. They are also on my list of interesting contacts… :smile: