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DOCUMENTATION: From June 2015 till January 2016 this category was called “OSCEdays Future” and dedicated to develop the OSCEdays Foundation/Organisation. This is what the topic looked back then:

##Develop with us: The Future of the OSCEdays

One of the strongest things during the OSCEdays June 2015 was the general feeling everywhere in the community “This is just the beginning”. And I and we feel the same.

So now we have to figure out as a community: “The beginning for what?”

What are the OSCEdays? What comes next? Where will we go? What will we do?

In this category OSCEdays Future we will have an open discussion about this. Please join and contribute ideas, questions, visions and wishes for the future of the OSCEdays:

How do we get from this to a collective experimentation and development of an Open Source driven Circular Economy in a global community?

Please share your thoughts.

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(I will do)

Hi @Gien Gien,
thank you for your thoughts! Could you please open a new topic in this category and copy your thoughts to there? Thanks. And talk soon.

Update: Thanks for transferring your thoughts to here. I deleted the posting above. The new one is an exact repost.

Continuing the discussion from About the OSCEdays FUTURE category:

Why? I think he writes to the point of the question you posed: what is the future of our community? To me, our future lies in the question: how can our community help to facilitate the change necessary to deal with the challenges of the future?

I think one important step now is to make sure that the movement we just started doesn’t stop. We have to keep upt the good work we started in documenting everything we did, and encourage every participant to do the same. We also should develop the forum further to make this information more readable and more easily accessible to our future participants.
Planning for OSCE2016 should start right now: how can we continue to develop the challenges we started, so in 2016 we can continue from there? How can we connect to the groups in the other cities, so in 2016 we have a network to work with? How can we integrate the information we share into the projects that grow from our challenges, so in 2016 we are ready to do some hardware prototyping?
The work we have done now was to lay the foundations for an ongoing process. At least this is what I plan to do with the challenge I presented here.

Hi Maike,
I think we should post our statements in new topics within this category. The discussion about the future of the OSCEdays will be probably more complex then to fit in just one topic-thread. You raise different questions then Gien for example. And both your posts could be explored into more detail. Therefor it would be nice to have them as seperate posts.

Could you repost it?

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