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Use this category for community and event organisation in Barcelona. Challenges, projects and documentation of practical solutions don’t belong in the city category but to one of the Channels like "education“, "food“ or “textiles”. Check out the city-barcelona tag for local challenges. .

OSCEdays-related files and documents can be found in the Barcelona OSCEdays cloud folder. To add and edit files, you will need a login, just message Sam on the forum.

As I mentioned in the documentation email, here is your editable etherpad for comments & feedback:

##OSCEdays 2015
Live Report from the OSCEdays —STADT— 2015

See all live reports here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8BPfpNyC8uWgFXc2gA0xLQ

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are you planning any textile/fashion related session in Barcelona?
Would be great to connect and share ideas!
Hugs from Berlin,

Hello Sophia!
We are still organising and meeting with groups and collectives, so there are not specific activities defined… But I agree to you that it would be great to connect and share!
We keep in contact :wink:

Hi Mireia (@Makea), I will be in (near to) Barcelona from the 19th to 28th of May. Would be great to meet for a coffee! :smile: What do you think?

Hi Sophia (@sophia)! I’m very sorry for not answering you before! Last week I came to Valencia and I’ll be back to Barcelona on wednesday 27th at night. Will you have time on thursday 28th to meet and have a coffee? At what time are you leaving? I’d really love to have the chance meet you!

Hey @Makea, all good?

@Rieul_Techer who co-founded the eco-hacklab La Paillasse Saône in Lyon and who is working on the OSCEdays in Mouans-Sartoux with me is coming to Barcelona beggining of June. You guys should definitely meet.

Hi everyone.
Pleasure to meet you in Barcelona.
I’ll be there from the 3rd to the 6/7th with some tours around.
Where/When can I meet you guys ?

Hi @Rieul_Techer!
It would be great to meet. We are sited in Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació in Sant Andreu neighbourhood. You can come here or, if you prefer, we can meet for a coffee or beer in the evening somewhere in the center.

I’ll try to be there Thursday if it’s ok for you ?! If I can not make it I’ll let you know…
See you soon.

Hi @Rieul_Techer!
Last minute change!
Today we won’t be around Fabra i Coats, may be we can meet somewhere else around centre…
Actually, tomorrow afternoon-evening we’ve our last OSCEdays barcelona core team meeting, may be you can join us :wink:
See you!

Hi @Makea.
Sorry just seen your message.
To answer to your tweet: let’s go for Monday morning to take some time to share about the OSCE days here in Barcelona and in Mouans Sartoux. It could be great to focus on what are the common ground to facilitated the connection during and after the OSCE days.
Hope you’ll be Ok for Monday.
See you.

Still ok for tomorrow ? At 10am in the center? I’ll be at the Fablab Barcelona from 8 to 10am.
Tell me where we can meet, I think we’ve got a lot to talk about :smile:

Muy buen día.

el equipo de OSCED Bogota, Colombia está interesado en colaborar con el desarrollo de proyectos conjuntos con otras ciudades que quieran participar en el evento, para lo cual los invita a que nos unamos y desarrollemos ideas que podamos ejecutar conjuntamente. si les parece pueden conectarse este fin de semana a las 6pm GMT en el fin de semana de documentación.

Very good day. The OSCED team Bogota, Colombia is interested in collaborating with the development of joint projects with other cities that want to participate in the event, for which it invites us to unite and develop ideas that we can execute together. If you can connect this weekend at 6pm GMT on the documentation weekend.