A new kind of tear-down workshop: Re-thinking an existing concept for a sustainable kid's fashion label!

Hey, my name is Svenja, I am co-founder of the Future Flux innovation lab in Wiesbaden. (www.futureflux.co)
6 years ago I finished my communication design degree with a concept of a sustainable kid’s fashion label called ‘solostücke’ (single pieces) (Here is the link to the website: www.solostuecke.de). Six years ago the concept was great, a good start - now it is time to rip it apart and to rethink it from scratch! Interested in joining in?

Challenge: How can we rethink the existing concept of the sustainable kid’s fashion label ‘solostücke’ into a much more circular concept that will have a greater impact?

Everyone is invited to participate. What you make out of the concept is up to you/the group. This session is about learning more about circular thinking in the textiles industry and the example is used to start our thinking about it.

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