A Comparative Study on Bottom-Up/Top-Down Circular Economy

Hello all,

As I mentioned a while ago I am doing some research on the concept of OSCE. I have explained this project and research previously in BoST calls, but here is a reminder again:

This study involves a comparison between the ideas of the circular economy as proposed by different actors. Specifically, it is an academic comparison between the ideas behind an open source circular economy and that of the more common idea of the circular economy which doesn’t consider open source principles. To do this, we are analysing the content of the community forum, which would make up a component of the data for this study.

I believe that this is a valuable piece of research that will contribute to understanding and progressing the circular economy agenda in multiple ways.

The purpose of this post is to lay out clearly the purpose, process and proposed outcomes of the study. This is a requirement of Loughborough University. In the attachment you can read all about the study and if you wish for any information that concerns your participation in the forum to be excluded from the analysis you can do so by completing the opt-out form.

Information_Sheet.pdf (49.6 KB)

Opt-out.pdf (41.9 KB)