25 Litre Challenge

If Day Zero arrives, citizens will have to queue for their 25 Litre daily rations of water. How many families know how to do this?

This is a fun, interactive educational campaign to prepare people to start thinking of how they would live on 25L / day. It will consist of:

  1. designing a physical, interactive display that can be used in a live setting to challenge audience members to simulate different daily activities to stay under 25L/day
  2. designing a demonstration campaign that can tour to schools, community centres and shopping malls to educate the public

Resource requirement
People to help design the physical display and refine the measuring process


Great gamification potential for this idea.

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@MarkusKruger, please meet @water_boy, please also meet @annabelryder

Annable and I discussed the 25 Litre challenge while we were organizing the event. We still think it would be an awesome idea.

Sara from City of Cape Town said they have money for innovative initiatives. @Ianpat, can you get that email address from Sara of the City of Cape Town who mentioned this in her talk yesterday? It means many of these projects could apply to them for funding!

@water_boy and Eldo Energy measure data on water meters for city of Town…lots of them. And they are working with Marc Lottering with the new national WaterMarc program to gamify staying under 50 L/day…Why national? Because we have drought problem in other parts of South AFrica as well.

Irvan, Mark use to work at a software gamification company and he appreciates the power of gamification.

Is there some way we can link the WaterMarc program to the 25 Litre challenge? I just thought of a concept…how about a LOW WATERMARC? So you think you’re a real water warrior? Just how tough are you? Are you game enough to go for the EXTREME LOW WATERMARC? The 25 L challenge.

Humerous ad campaign…show people doing ridiculous things…like cleaning themselves like a cat. (drinking their own urine) (glass of yellow water), etc…

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