2 Ideas for now: „Future“ Category and „[EVENT DOCU]“ topics

Hi, i know, we said, we should not discuss plans imediately. But i have two ideas i would like to discuss and put in action asap, if you agree with it:

Create sub-category in the forum calles „OSCEdays Future“. Here we invite the community to discuss and share visions for the future of the OSCEdays. I would publish there some ideas in the coming weeks and we can have a transparent development of everything. I would do this now.

###2 DOCU Mail & Topic
I have 2 or 3 ideas for the „best“ way of documentation. I will share those later. But i would encourage all local organizers, to do also the documentation of their event (pictures from the venue, facts about the event not the challenges) into the forum. In a thread, called „[EVENT DOCU, June XX 2015] Name“. I will start a thread like this in the Berlin category.

The key for our documentation will be to use all the energy to build lasting infrastructures fit for growth instead of loosing tons of time to create an edited what ever of something, that happened. Lets put future in everything we do and show instead of past. More about that later.

But for the two ideas above. If you agree with them, i would like to create this tomorrow and send out a “Thank You”-Email with those two Informations (key is info nr. 1 – the future) to the local organizers.

All the best,


I will create sketches for both later and share them.

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