1st KATCH_e workshop, 9th June 2017, Aveiro University

#Hi, welcome to OSCEdays Aveiro!
#We Are

LNEG - National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (Lisbon Portugal) - Project coordinator
University of Aveiro - Project partner and organizer of the workshop
#We Will

Organize the 1st stakeholders’ workshop of the KATCH_e project. This is a Knowledge Alliance on Product-Service Development towards Circular Economy and Sustainability in Higher Education financed by the ERASMUS+ programme.

The workshop aims at setting the network in Portugal and answering two main questions:

a) Which are the priority challenges, products and services for circular design in the building and furniture sectors?

b) Which are the training and competence needs for design and development teams?

For more information: cristina.rocha@lneg.pt
#Date & Location

9th June 2017, University of Aveiro, Portugal


Please get in touch to know more.

Cristina Sousa Rocha, project manager


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