05.07 - 10.07.2017 : Ecobytes Hack-e-now Gathering 2017

Librehosting at the crossroads of open source software and the federated web: enhancing societal transformations and capacitating its’ actors.

Please also see the pad at https://hack.allmende.io/ecobytes-2017-Hackenow-gathering

The Hack-e-now Gathering is a hack camp and communities gathering around the ideas of open source, librehosting, the federated web and the use of digital technology for enhancing collaboration and awareness on societal issues.

The event is organised around the official members assembly of Ecobytes, inviting members, developers and other interested publics to take part in the commoning process of librehosting.

:calendar: Date
:globe_with_meridians: Location

Wed 05.07. - Fri 07.07.2017
:pushpin: Hof Hackenow (de / en)
rural conclave

Fri 07.07. - Sun 09.07.2017
celebration night and open days

Mon 10.07.2017
:pushpin: Wikimedia Berlin
12:00 - 16:00 open day for presentation and discussion
16:00 Ecobytes Members Assembly
19:00 Code for Berlin

all the time
:speech_balloon: #ecobytes:matrix.allmende.io
Riot / Matrix

In the first days, the participants will bring in and look at proposed community stories and subjects (see below), following by a collective planning of what to do during the deep dive (hackathon). The following days proceed in enclosure, with the Hackenow hosts providing for the required needs of food and lodging to the participants (we are nevertheless invited to take part in the chores). We welcome anyone willing to bring in their skills - from internet hosting to community building, from project management to design, from Docker to Drupal - and join efforts in shaping the infrastructure for our members, friends and communities.

After this 3 days hands-on meeting, we open the round again and start the Saturday with a brunch and convivial exchange around the developments and community work of Ecobytes. The weekend remains otherwise open for further hacking, collaboration and celebration.

The Monday is dedicated to the Public Domain and welcomes visitors to convene with us at Wikimedia Deutschland during an open day, and with Code for Berlin during the evening.

:link: Community stories and subjects

:link: Further subjects

:link: Getting there


jon richter

+49 175 321 15 25
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