WORKSHOP - Build a Prototype of a Sustainability Game App!

Who are we / Wer sind wir ?

We are Runa and Enrico. Runa is a fashion/food activist and sustainability educator. Enrico is a software developer with a knack for social entrepreneurship.


What will we do / Was werden wir machen ?

We will develop an app prototype! We already have an app idea and want to bring it to the next level with you. So we will boil everything down, create a concept of the user experience and build a prototype.

App Ideas:


  • Take challenges and play against each other or in groups!
  • Do Challenges to lead a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.
    Examples: (1) Take the train instead of flying. (2) Ditch single use plastic bags and join the trend of eco-bags. (3) Stop buying water and carry a reusable bottle in your bag. (4) Eat more beans, less burgers.
  • Challenges will be rewarded with a score.
  • Compete with others in a certain peer group (School, Work, Friends, Family, or even global?)
  • Group-challenges: Groups compete with other groups. (It’s like challenge-ception: Group Challenge made out of individual challenges.)


  • The challenges and scoring will be crowdsourced: Everyone can submit a challenge with a score. Everyone can then also rate the challenge so that the score will be an average. Rating a challenge might happen according to. (Difficulty, Sustainability Impact, Felt Impact)


  • See the personal and collective global impact!

Time, Place & Supplies / Zeit, Ort und Ausstattung


Saturday, June 16, 14:30

@Infralab WS3, OSCEdays Berlin 2018

  • Time: 2h
  • Tables
  • Wifi
  • Sticky Notes
  • Marker
  • Whiteboard
  • Design Thinking Prototyping Equipment (Paper, Scissors, Glue and other “Bastelmaterialien”)

Contact / Kontakt

You can contact either of us:




Open Resources / Offenes Wissen


“The Doughnut”: A safe and just space for humanity, by Kate Raworth, Senior Researcher at Oxfam Great Britain, presents a visual framework – shaped like a doughnut – which brings the concept of planetary boundaries together with the complementary concept of social boundaries, creating a safe and just space between the two, in which humanity can thrive.



The Living Planet Report provides possible solutions – including the fundamental changes required in the global food, energy and finance systems to meet the needs of current and future generations.


Learn web development (Useful to create apps!) and help non-profits:


Runa & Enrico


Hi @enryco & @Babaruna

this is very nice :slight_smile:

Here is some relevant content from the past years - other OSCEdays challenges that looked into Apps or games. Maybe some have useful information or are up for giving advice.

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Thanks @Lars2i We’re on it :slight_smile:

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I recently spoke to Stefan Schridde of “Murks? Nein Danke?” project against planned obsolecence where they’re thinking about gamification and finishing up a “Murks-Melder”-App that encourages people to document examples of premature failure of things. So: great idea, looking forward to your documentation. Berlin is waiting for it.


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Here is your briefing with info about tickets and your contribution to the Circular Berlin exhibition. Pls. check. And get in touch with questions of any kind.

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