Where should global challenges go?

I’ve just read the the How To Post A Challenge topic, which says challenges should be posted under cities.

But what if a challenge isn’t related to any particular locality and anyone can pick it up? Should they be under “Other” or maybe there should be a “Global” label?

Hi @daaain,

jeap, this is a good question and we discussed it in this thread (see comment 4 from me for example).

What we found there was: Almost every challenge is global as well. That is the trick of an online platform - that people from all over the world can contribute or use that solution. So with a “Global” category - everyone would be confused - where to post the challenge - in the city or in the global category?

So the idea was to say, that the challenge should go to the city where the people that are willing to work on it, live. Because that people are the most important resource of that challenge. And in that case this would be your city, right?

There is also the possibility to use the “other” category.

That solution is not perfect. We still need a better idea. What do you think?

Hmm, so I guess it’s really down to how people find and pick up challenges.

I actually see your point now about the people aspect, if for example a challenge is posted by an NGO in London, it’s going to be much more productive / likely for people to pick it up in London for the reason that they can get a proper brief and background information by talking to the challenge owner at the event.

And in case the challenge is posted by a global organisation or a person who isn’t going to be present at an event, that can go to “Other” and maybe later find a home if some people put their hands up that they want to work on it at one of the events.

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