TALKS, PRESENTATIONS & WORKSHOPS_Collection of links and details of ones on/ mentioning OSCEdays (pls. contribute)

Asked to talk or presented about the OSCEdays? Shared some of the learnings? Please share the link and some details in the comments and help to build an inspiring collection of different voices!

If you can provide an estimate of the number of people present during the talk!

###Share Your Slides
You can also share your slides. In this folder you can find slides others have used. Feel free to use them to build your own presentation.


Please share updates of ones created and presented in advance of this years event

From time to time we can clean up and organize everything.

Please also add ones you may have done last year either pre/ post event

This will be useful information for a variety of things, from shared resources, networks and also helpful to support sponsorship and industry partners for 2016.

Please share what you can in the comment section or just edit it in - post is a wiki.





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###2015 France

At OuiShare Fest, May 2015, Paris, France - Panel - @unteem presented

###2015 Austria

Open Commons Congress, May 2015, Linz, Austria - Talk @Lars2i presented [VIDEO RECORDING - german - 770+ views]

Circular Design AT, November 2015, Salzburg, Austria - Talk @Lars2i presented [VIDEO RECORDING - german]

###2015 Global

DIF Festival (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) November 2015, Online Festival - Talk, @cameralibre & @Lars2i presented [VIDEO RECORDING - 600+ views] | SLIDESHOW

###2015 Germany

Pecha Kucha Berlin, May 2015 - Talk @cameralibre presented

Open Tech Summit, May 2015, Berlin, Germany - Talk @Lars2i @Ina @cameralibre presented

Innovative Citizen, August 2015, Dortmund, Germany - Talk @Lars2i presented

Baumhaus Fest, September 2015, Berlin Germany – Talk @Justine & @transitionmaike presented

Share Fair, November 2015, Berlin, Germany - Booth

Open IT Summit (of the german Green Party, im Abgeordnetenhaus), November 2015, Berlin, Germany – Panel and short Talk, @Lars2i presented

VOW Festival, November 2015, Dresden Germany - Talk & Workshop, mention of OSCEdays, @Lars2i presented

Sustainable Manufacturing Conference, TU Berlin, Potsdam, December 2015 - Talk & Workshop – @cameralibre @sharmarval @Lars2i presented

###2016 Germany

Make Munich, January 2016, Germany - talk about OSCEdays, @cameralibre presented

“Widerstand im Postfordismus - Vierte Welt”, February 2016, Berlin, Germany – Talk, mention of the OSCEdays, @Lars2i presented

Sustainable Business through Open Innovation, February 2015, Munich, Germany - @Lars2i presented

CE100 Accelerator Program Meeting, October 2016, Berlin - @cameralibre presented

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3.12.2015 Gave a long talk on OSCE to the local community at Kulturhaus
’Alte Schule’ Woltersdorf as part of the series ‘Menschen, die
Alternativen wagen.’ (people who dare to try alternatives):

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27.11.2015. Gave a short introduction on OSCE at the
WorkcampWirtschaftsWandel (Local metworking event for alternative
economies in Berlin-Brandenburg/ Germany).

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I met a great guy at a conference - his name is Ernst. He is a member of “O2 Global Network on Sustainable Design (since 1993)” and he asked me for the slides I used in Munich this February, because he wants to present the OSCEdays on:

“Meeting of Enterprise Europe Network Kollegen ( - from different EU countries - 50 people) area Intelligent Energy/Circular Economy/Resource Efficiency”

on April 5.

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I will give 4 presentations about OSCEdays in the coming 7 days :confused:

May 4 Re:publica - with @Mayya
May 5 Open Tech Summit with @Jan_D
May 7 Re Fashion Re Food Festival with @Mayya & @Ina
May 10 Pre Work Talk at IXDS with @simonlee @Mayya & @Ina - VIDEO RECORDING (Periscope)

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