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Hi we should collect together all articles about the OSCEdays on the go. It will be hard to remember afterwards all the articles. So please, whenever you see something post the Link or an image or whatever below in the comments.

From time to time we can clean up and organize everything.


Hi, we did not track how the media globally reported about the OSCEdays. But this information is useful to find sponsors and industry partners for 2016. Please post what you got and still can find in the comment section or just edit it in - post is a wiki.


###Perth Australia
Blogpost about OSCEday 2015 in Perth

###Chennai India

JP Ovaska

###International Blogs & Podcasts

###Who else?
Dear local organizers, please post what you got.

[BoST CALL, February 29, 2016] – General provisional BoST meeting No 8
[BoST CALL, February 1, 2016] – General Meeting of provisional BoST No 6
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Irish Times (January 4, 2016), (MENTION)

Sharable (January 10) (MAIN)

Our Mission Statement will be printed in the next issue of “facten.lage” - the newspaper of the Umwelt Dachverband (environment umbrella organization) Austria (MAIN)


‘The Circular Economy’s Missing Ingredient: Local’ 21st August, 2015, Greenbiz (MENTION)

‘How to get involved in open source hardware’ 23rd April, 2015 (MENTION)

Diaspora: Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou, un pionnier du numérique 21st July, 2015 Le Point Afrique (MENTION)

Open Energy Monitor blog post about the London event.


“What do we mean when we talk about an Open Source Circular Economy” - in EuropaInfo, page 16 & 17, english (MAIN)


Ha, good news. The discussion about Open Source Circular Design with strong mentions of the OSCEdays I had with André Wendler will be published in an upcoming Book (May 2016) in Germany, in german.


Dec. 2015 Did write a chapter for a book on DIY-culture (with the help of Lars, Sam and Gien). It will be published by Antiftung&Ertomis in German later this year. I’ll update you once I know when.


Short article on OSCE and Commons in: , a feminist magazine in Austria. Published in the print edition III/2016, Thema Commons-Gemeinsam besitzen, Titel: “Open Source und Kreislaufwirtschaft - Wie könnte eine ressourcenschonende und faire Wirtschaft aussehen? Ein Einblick von Maike Majewski.”


Open Source Circular Economy: Global promotion on Europe


Sam just published a superbly written article in Circulate, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s online daily magazine. It makes a very cogent argument on why we need the open source spirit and principles, rather than some new high-tech gadget, the adoption at every scale and the participation of every form of organization for the circular economy to become mainstream, fast. Thank you, Sam.

Please share it with your networks.



After engaging with us in our Ask Us Anything Thread @CatJohnson published this piece on shareable:


El País

We’ve just been covered in one of the biggest spanish media outlets:


###OSCEdays Berlin 2016

here is the first article about OSCEdays Berlin. There are at least 7 in the pipe and a radio feature as well.


Bioökonomie (from the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung!)


Hi, I found this email from the local organizers in Dubai in my inbox. Wow :slight_smile:

Dear All,

We got some good coverage today for the OSCE days media story that we had published. We are expecting some more to appear in the trade publication in the next few days. Attaching few of the scans and links.

Dubai leads with recycling initiatives in the region along with top 70 cities in the world


There is an article from me about OSCE in the journal ‘Ökologisches Wirtschaften’ - ‘Ecological Economy’ - in german. Shared by the editors under an NC license :frowning: - I gave it to them under a CC-BY-SA license. Anyway. That is a good journal. Up to 20 000 german engineers read it. I already got the first emails because of that article.

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Hi, got another email from a reporter today. She wrote:

Learned about you while reading page 195 of Doughnut Economics.

Not sure what “Doughnut Economics” is though.

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I think Kate Raworth, the proponent of this model, has attended one of the DIFs, there one possible connection with us. In any case her name and model sounds familiar to me, but I did not go into details about her economic model.

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Cool. The Daily Planet reposted the piece about our search for a new definition:

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